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F1-icon-128.png F1 2011 Roadmap
Owner: Bryan Clark Updated: 2011-05-13
User Goals:
  • Create a fun, fast, and reliable system that encourages people to share
  • Embrace the different types/levels of sharing people are comfortable with

Platform Goals:

  • Create a trusted partner for people to share links through
  • Standardize pieces of the link sharing activity, open it up to more players
  • Reduce the sharing NASCAR effect on sites
    • Work with sites to provide mutually beneficial user interactions


Mozilla F1 is a simple and fast sharing service designed to enhance the sharing experience of the browser, Firefox, when sharing web sites.

The name F1 is a project name that is not necessarily the final name when compared with more standardized/branded names like Firefox Share.
The project is both a hosted service and an add-on to Firefox. The hosted service acts as an OAuth proxy service which the add-on uses to push shares through.
== Components ==
F1 has 3 bugzilla components for bug tracking

Feature Blocks

The are the feature blocks which appear in the Firefox/Flight Tracking. These feature blocks are in top down order of priority. The required line indicates a minimal set we would not back out of the release train if they all landed. These feature sets should conform to the Feature Page Structure

=== Minimal F1 Feature ===
This is the bare minimum pieces needed to use the F1 share feature starting with 1 working account (Twitter)
Feature Status ETA Owner
F1 Preferences/Account Settings Preferences pane landed, blocked on bug 653002 for OS styling 2011-05-05 Bryan Clark
F1 Twitter Account Initial prototype. Blocked on staging server running bug 650900 and bug 653002 for OS styling. 2011-04-27 Bryan Clark
Share Server Blocked on staging server, bug 650900 2011-05-05 Bryan Clark
=== Facebook Sharing Account ===
Implement the Facebook account interface
=== GMail Sharing Account ===
Implement the GMail account interface
=== JavaScript Share API ===
navigator.share api
=== Localized Share Services ===
Additional sharing services which are popular in different locales
=== Anonymous URL Statistics ===
Anonymous URL sharing statistics
=== Yahoo Mail Sharing Account ===
Implement the Yahoo Mail account interface