Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-05-18

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  • followups from last week
  • SDK 0.4 status
  • FlightDeck 1.0a2 planning
  • SDK 0.5 planning
  • extension autodetection
  • tomorrow's community meeting
  • electrolysis status
  • roundtable


  • We discussed SDK 0.4 status.
  • Atul landed bug 562819 during the meeting.
  • Drew asked Myk if we can land memory leak/test fixes post-code-freeze and he said we could, since they are relatively low-risk.
  • We went over the next FlightDeck phase development plan.
  • Code for aligning FlightDeck's internal build system with the SDK's directory structure code is under development via test-driven-development, but is not on the actual FlightDeck page yet.
  • Brian Warner and Piotr will figure out how to make unforgeable Jetpack IDs (bug 553020) work with FlightDeck.
  • Piotr is confident that we will probably be ready with FlightDeck by the end of May, but we'll keep the release date as-is to account for unexpected roadblocks.
  • Atul explained the current status of e10s integration.
  • We didn't have enough time to go over SDK 0.5 planning, so will do it next week.


Followups from 2010-05-18:

  • Felipe will remove the method bsmedberg objected to in page worker and we will ship it in SDK 0.4.
  • Myk published the next Flight Deck 1.0a2 dev plan.