Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-05-25

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  • followups from last week
  • SDK 0.4 status
  • FlightDeck 1.0a2 planning
  • SDK 0.5 planning
  • rundown of first developer survey
  • Google I/O update
  • example extensions for 0.4
  • Page Mods API
  • multi-process & schedule
  • branding update
  • roundtable


  • Follow-Ups
    • Brian will find a piece of string to nail down the DVI adapter in GIGO
  • 0.4 Status
    • froze Tuesday, broken, fixed regression, broke again, fixed again
    • rc3 today, will ship Thursday (+2d) unless more blockers found
    • one day late overall
    • tree thaws for 0.5 today
  • FlightDeck 1.0a2 Planning (2nd preview)
    • Piotr needs the ID generator code from Brian
    • want to release June 14th
    • will announce to Jetpack-discussion group, but not marketing yet
    • want public beta by end of June, so need 2nd preview to be really good
  • 0.5 planning (big list of stuff, but well distributed among people)
    • SDK search path (Brian): P2 behind Brian's other stuff, needs discussion
    • Electrolysis integration (Atul): high priority right now, platform team is engaged
    • app compatibility handling (Atul) (how do modules declare that they are compatible with Firefox/Thunderbird/Fennec/etc): community patch exists, not yet reviewed
    • DOM manipulation library (e.g. jQuery) (Atul): depends on E10S work, so need to figure out an answer to E10S first. Removing from 0.5
    • marking chrome modules, implementing (Brian): also depends on E10S
    • single UI element Phase 2 (Dietrich): waiting on Boriss for design, can make some progress before then, slightly concerned but mostly on track
    • Tabs API (Dietrich): new rev of patch is up, still on track
    • Life-Cycle API (drew): not started yet but straightforward, on track
    • Selection API (Eric Jung): on track
    • Localization API (Gandalf):
    • Panel API (Myk): no progress yet, will either make progress this week or it needs a new owner. at risk.
    • Page Mods (Nickolay?): at risk, no owner yet. Needs API design discussion first (bsmedberg is in MV, we'll discuss it this week)
    • Docs cleanup (Noelle): looks OK, bugs+patches coming this week. In MV office 8-10th.
    • Docs restructuring (Noelle): also ok
    • Request API (Paul): on track. testing will block on mock-XHR.
      • mock-XHR (atul): deciding on API, slightly involved because it must be a drop-in replacement for normal XHR module
  • E10S discussion

Once E10S stuff lands, Jetpack won't support FF3.6 anymore: users will have to use nightlies until FF4 is released (this is a big decision and needs a lot of discussion). Still figuring out a plan for E10S. APIs currently in development will ignore E10S stuff, once we have a plan we'll look at when to rewrite them.

  • developer survey (dbuc): will publish pretty graphs soon. 349 responses.
    • some folks are waiting for FlightDeck, or for specific APIs
    • some folks (mistakenly) think they must wait for something to land in FF
  • example extensions for 0.4 (dbuc)

Writing some samples: unread-email-counter, grab-images-from-page, reverse-image-search-frontend.

  • PageMods api (bsmedberg)
  • branding: FlightDeck and SDK now known as "Add-Ons Builder"