Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-06-08

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  • followups from last week
    • Brian to find a piece of string to nail down the DVI adapter in GIGO
  • SDK 0.5 status
  • second survey results
  • FlightDeck 1.0a2 status
  • roundtable


0.5 Status Notes

  • Page Worker update for E10s - no progress yet, Myk will be updating this API as it affects his work on Panel
  • Chrome auth needing packages - still at risk some progress has been made
  • Page Mods - At Risk given the time remaining in 0.5 cycle
  • Single UI Element phase 2 - meetings with UX taking place this week to find out what we need to support in Jetpack to adhere to Boriss's proposed UI
  • Extension Auto-Detection - On Track, initial implementation is under way
  • Docs clean-up - this is on track and being actively developed by Noelle
  • Panel - Myk is making progress on initial versions of the Panel JEP. Due to time remaining in the 0.5 development cycle this remains At Risk
  • Request - Paul is making progress, but needs a solid mock XHR, the first version may not have this testing element
  • Docs restructuring - At Risk, late in cycle for amount of remaining work
  • Lifecycle - looking solid, review issue was resolved during the meeting
  • Localization - Final API is close, it is likely that the client-side portion of this API will be supported in 0.5 with the server-side connection phased in during a later release.
  • Selection - Selection is looking good, a patch is on the way this week, Paul will review.
  • Document the SDK search path - Atul has posted a patch for this
  • Places - This API is in developement, but may not make it for the 0.5 freeze

FlightDeck 1.0a2 Status Notes

  • Minor items left in the "Refactor editor front-end to work with the SDK's preferred directory structure" deliverable.
  • Front-end UI deliverable is at risk
  • API Browser still needs a start page


  • Myk to file bug on renaming the SDK