Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-07-13

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  • SDK 0.6 plan: freeze next monday (jul-19). Since lots of stuff won't make it, so there's less in this release, so it needs less stabilization time (one week).
    • Places is moving out to 0.7, the FF folks are busy with Fx4 work
    • Context-Menu vs E10S: Drew will take it on this week. It's at risk for 0.6, we don't know what will be involved.
    • complete docs APIs: Noelle is on it
    • Panel API vs E10S: at risk, but Myk thinks the patch will be ready
    • Page Mods vs E10S: also at risk, depends on code in Panel
    • Widget vs E10S: similar to Page Mods, Myk will take it on, since it overlaps a lot with Panel
    • Widget vs Fx4: mostly done (on the jetpack side), Fx4 side is not as far along
    • lots of 0.6 things are at risk: release will ship even if they all miss, since we want to establish a regular cycle
  • Brian made plea to make APIs confineable: API authors should make it easy for other modules to be written, on top of these APIs, which expose a limited subset. This generally means more explicit arguments and splitting functionality into separate objects/methods/modules.
    • preview release shipped on june-25, big success, rave reviews in London workshop and at summit, hackathon contest went well
    • we've talked about doing a public beta this month
    • plan for ever-better releases to ever-wider audiences, rather than building up to a single huge loud release
    • next release will probably be blogged on AMO, in addition to sending to the mailing list
    • please email Myk if you see problems, he will find/file a bug for you
  • roundtable
    • closing down Jetpack gallery
      • brian wants a tarball of the addons, to skim through and look for common patterns, API usage
      • decided to put off shutdown a few weeks, synchronize with the 0.6 release
    • Ayan's demo: python script which downloads latest SDK release, runs 'cfx testall', reports failures. Works on OS-X and Ubuntu, not yet on windows.
      • would also be useful to run tests on a bunch of local addon trees against the new SDK before starting to use it for real
    • (dietrich) Firefox version compatibility: need to bump XPI rdf compability flags
      • through flightdeck, we can get these sorts of changes out faster, rather than waiting for a new SDK release
      • but Zandr told Myk that it's harder than it seems
      • first step is to update the SDK, then update flightdeck to use that SDK
      • how to make jetpacks "just work" against multiple Fx versions? got lots of questions about this at the summit, don't really have an answer yet. Needs thought. Should we require re-linking? Or can flightdeck/AMO upgrade your add-ons for you?
    • (dietrich) what does "feature-complete API set" mean? please take a look at the grid linked above and fill in more pieces
    • (irakli) how to express that a jetpack depends upon other non-jetpack addons (not captured by SDK modules or application name), like having Weave/Sync installed. Could add data to the .rdf to warn that there are other dependencies which need to be installed first.
    • (irakli) suggests avoiding FF-specific JS syntax, and lean towards ES5 standard JS features. Myk suggests not limiting ourselves, especially in low-level API implementations. Example code should avoid it more than internals. Worth a conversation.
    • (irakli) coordinate better with the CommonJS community: module name collisions, we'd like to be able to use existing libraries without much hassle. Irakli will post to mailing list about it.


  • Myk to move Places API work to 0.7
  • Myk to draw up a sketch of how panel/page-worker/context-menu should interact with content
  • Ayan to post integration test script somewhere public
  • Irakli to email folks about potential improvements to CommonJS module infrastructure