Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-08-03

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  • followups from last meeting
    • Provide proposed window api to Felipe by July 28 (Myk)
    • Piotr to give Myk the username of the Mozilla Labs github users and myk will give Piotr access (myk)
    • Irakli to sync up with Felipe on Window + Sidebar (Irakli)
    • Irakli should sync up with Fennec team to see how they can help get Jetpack on Fennec (irakli)
    • peregrino should provide feedback to noelle on bug 565204
  • FlightDeck 1.0a3 status
  • FlightDeck 1.0a4 status
  • SDK 0.7 status
  • SDK 0.6 review
  • roundtable


  • followups:
    • Myk got some notes to Felipe, but not full proposal
    • created Github "organization" for Mozilla, flightdeck repo is published under it. Brian will get the existing jetpack-sdk repo into that organization.
    • Irakli is close to having Window/Sidebar proposal for Felipe
    • Irakli unable to connect with Fennec person, who has been ill
  • flightdeck 1.0a3
    • no problems observed or heard about for 1.0a3, so we're ready to push to production. Zandr can push it today.
  • flightdeck 1.0a4: freeze next monday aug-09
    • Bespin upgrade is important but tricky, at-risk.
    • other work is coming along
  • SDK 0.7 status: freeze aug-17
    • E10S compatible APIs are still in review, lots depends upon Panel
    • still haven't decided about FF3.6-vs-FF4 wrt E10S. Will become clearer as E10S effort resolves.
    • need bugid for Atul's E10S integration work
    • Brian will add a bugid for his manifest-generation/loading work, overlaps with Atul's E10S loader work
    • all new modules must land with documentation, docs for all existing modules are in progress
    • notification API landed, clipboard API needs feedback
  • SDK 0.6 review
    • smart to delay and polish for a few days -Nick
    • smart to drop goals to stick with release schedule, maintain cadence
    • summit was disruptive (but net good), getting back on track now
    • should call items as MISS earlier: if patch isn't there a few days before freeze, don't assume it will magically appear by freeze date