Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-08-31

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  • followups from last meeting
    • Myk to sketch E10S compatibility
    • Brian to review bug 566814 (Julián's patch for |cfx init| command)
    • Myk to identify assignee for Page Mods API
  • E10S integration update
  • FlightDeck 1.0a5 status
  • SDK 0.7 review
  • SDK 0.8 status
  • roundtable
    • Git migration
    • New Ambassadors
    • MailPing example discoveries


Revisiting Follow-ups:

  • Irakli talked with the Fennec point person and they are open to helping with getting Fennec support in the SDK, but time to work on this is currently limited.
  • Myk has generated a sketch for how E10S integration for the APIs might look.
  • Brian has reviewed the CFX init and is waiting for feedback
  • Page Mods will be landed as-is, Irakli will then work on e10s support for the API.
  • Atul e10s Update: Proof of concept for e10s SDK process separation is on Github. Still needs work on finishing a test runner and the e10s adapters.

FlightDeck 1.0a5:

  • Most goals are completed
  • Waiting a couple of days on Zander to push the staged version

0.7 Review:

  • Got out some great APIs
  • On-time
  • Many people on vacation during cycle, some APIs missed

0.8 Status:

  • Patches will likely be submitted this week for Sidebar, Places, and Page Mods sometime this week.
  • Status for e10s compat fixes are of varied difficulty, Context Menu conversion to e10s is in API discussion.
  • Enforcement of an initial manifest declaration requirements.
    • Stricter enforcement of the manifest will occur in 0.9
  • TODO: Update 0.8 plan with pinning/unpinning of tabs


  • Myk to update 0.8 plan with pinning/unpinning of tabs