Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-10-05

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  • no response to Myk's solicitations-for-feedback about 0.9 plan. So it must be perfect! Freeze moved to 11am PDT Wednesday.
  • Myk is working on making jetpack tests pass against FF nightly. Current best FF is b6, but warner saw test failures against current jetpack trunk.
  • 0.9 status
    • E10S integration: Atul ported Request, will work on the rest. Goal for 0.9 is to have an (unlanded) patch that provides framework that can get landed in subsequent release (0.10). Later releases have more pieces.
    • identify dependencies by path (warner): should be ready for review tomorrow or thursday
    • E10S-compatible Context Menu: Drew has patch waiting for review.
    • use event-emitter model in high-level modules (irakli): some pieces are awaiting review, others still in development. Still on track.
    • E10S-compatible Private Browsing: patches in review need updates.
  • Roundtable
    • Nick: AMO now has a Jetpack tag, with 45 addons. When we hit beta, we'll throw some Marketing at it and try to get more. We'll need a mail campaign to get those 45 to rebuild with the new SDK before FF4.0 comes out, since the addons built with the current SDK don't work against FF4 nightly (and therefore probably won't work against FF4.0).
    • github workflows: atul's bugzilla-patch. We should talk about workflow before the trainers show up next week. mozmill uses bugzilla and github, we might learn from them. Rust is all-github. all of webdev's new projects are done on github.
    • "general issue with object comparisons in SDK" (dbuc): e.g Tabs onReady() gets a Tab object, but it isn't comparable to the active-tab object, so it's hard to tell if this is really the active one or not. Chrome uses object-ids, but we can probably do better. Atul filed a bug about the Tabs comparison. Irakli says that creating more than one wrapper for a single object is a bug. So in general, developers should expect to be able to do object comparisons.
    • dbuc's dynamic-Persona demo
    • irakli has a REPL shell on his github repo ( and a node.js-compatible network/sockets module (
    • dbuc found some git/github workflow pages: and