Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-10-19

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  • followups from last meeting
  • SDK 0.9 status
    • RC1 yesterday
    • RC2 today?
    • release Thursday?
  • FlightDeck 1.0a6 status
  • SDK 0.10 planning
  • roundtable
    • Firefox 4.0b6 is reference version for SDK 0.9
    • Question: What new Fx UI will existing APIs take advantage of? - ex. new Aero-skinned pointy panels for Windows
    • contribute to 0.9 release notes! (especially for breaking changes)


  • no followups from last week
  • 0.9
    • shipped RC1 yesterday, no feedback yet, somewhat unnerving. dbuc will bang on it this afternoon
    • drew found docs bug in Context Menu API, should be updated before release. landed earlier today. will spin RC2 later today.
    • might be another one about using "postMessage" instead of "sendMessage", from dbuc. myk will check it out.
    • wbamberg is working on better docs on content-scripts (not for 0.9, yes for 0.10)
    • release now scheduled for thursday, one day late
  • Flightdeck
    • did new release ("1.0a5.1", somewhat between 1.0a5 and 1.0a6), now compatible with minefield
    • 1.0a6 tasks are coming along
    • wbamberg will send a suggested api-parser patch to brian today
    • Chowse will do UX review early next week, hopefully results available by tuesday meeting
    • security review: several bugs found, 6 still open
  • 0.10
    • myk will ping individuals to figure out time commitments, what features each developer will have time for
    • when tree thaws for 0.10, we'll thaw the Git repo, not the Hg one. The switch to git is now.
  • roundtable
    • FF4.0b6 is target for 0.9 - GC compartments changes are making trunk change too fast to keep up with
      • warner will find out what's the deal with the buildbot project and report back next week. It'd be nice to have one. Might help keep track of jetpack-vs-FF-trunk.
    • dbuc: new Fx UI elements. Yes, the plan is to have Panel API create "pointy panels" on windows (upside-down speech bubbles)
    • myk says: please help write 0.9 release notes: add to wiki page
    • are people ready for git? do people know what to do? what ssh key should be used for the git->hg bridge?
      • plan is to maintain hg tree, only changed by git->hg robot, to avoid changes to releng/buildbot infrastructure
      • new git repo will be mozilla/addon-sdk, myk will create it
      • brian will check with github crew to make sure the new repo is seen as a parent (renaming repo and changing username at the same time, might mess up github 'network' / fork heritage)
    • 0.10 will try to be compatible with nightlies but it won't be a blocker
    • selenium test for flightdeck: should it use FF3.6 or 4.0b6? answer: do 4.0b6 first. Aim for same criteria as SDK: latest FF4 beta, then nightlies if possible.
    • goodbye to Nick.. thanks for everything!