Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-11-02

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  • followups from last meeting
    • atul to find out if he really needs bug 603403 to be fixed in order to get access to the windows buildslaves to diagnose windows issues
    • myk to bump priority of bug 603403 if necessary
    • brian to figure out bug# for splitting API parser code out of SDK, which affects wbamberg's work
    • myk to figure out what felipe needs to do to make Windows API e10s compatible
    • dbuc to look into outreach to developers
  • FlightDeck 1.0a6 status
  • SDK 0.10 status
  • roundtable


  • followups
    • bug 603403 was determined to be a blocker
      • atul got access to windows build slaves and resolved problems
      • windows tinderbox up and running
      • jetpack completely integrated into firefox continuous integration testing
    • brian still looking into bug# for API parser code
      • will attempt to resolve by end of day
    • nothing needed for windows e10s compatability
      • will check with atul for confirmation
    • daniel to make forum post this week
      • post will ask devs to fill out form on api they use the most
    • other JS groups have been contacted to create extension with builder
  • flightdeck 1.0a6
    • everything is on track for Nov 15th freeze
    • wil to work on 1.0a7 plan to present next week
    • mootools 1.3 upgrade deferred
      • bug was in bespin
      • reclassified bug to P2
    • addons builder helper broken in Firefox nightlies
      • irakli asked dietrich for help
  • sdk 0.10
    • planned freeze next wed 11am pacific
    • e10s integration framework landed
      • some test failures on nightly, 4.0b6 passes all tests
    • myk needs help on e10s compat fix for tabs api, atul?
      • atul out of office at conference, should be back by end of week
  • irakli more confident about EventEmitter event model feature compared to last week
  • markdown syntax change is at risk more than previous week
    • myk to take over review from brian
    • firefox team has made push to fix regressions caused by gc compartments
      • bug 604641 will not block 4.0b7, plan to block SDK 0.10
      • one bug is platform bug with sdk workaround
        • push to fix by 4.0b8, workaround until then
      • another bug is in nontested code, may ignore


  • brian to find/create bug for splitting API parser code
  • irakli/dietrich? to file addons builder helper bug
  • myk to ping brian, dietrick, drew for sdk updates