Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-11-30

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  • followups from last meeting
  • FlightDeck 1.0a7 status
  • SDK 0.10 status
  • roundtable
    • reviewers: make sure you are responsive to contributions from non-core contributors!
    • contributors: make sure to vet API changes (including additions, new APIs, etc.) with Myk!
    • branching strategy proposed
    • FlightDeck on, housekeeping issues.


  • no followups!
  • flightdeck!
    • pushed, looks good. Docs good, syntax hilighting
    • 1.0a7: deliverables finalized. Plan to figure out UI goals first few days of all-hands. Most goals look on track, with possible exception of 573854 "upload client-build SDK packages to Builder", which is not as well understood.
    • flightdeck-vs-sdk docs: wil+brian's 612721 is related
  • SDK-0.10
    • two blockers left
    • CommonJS fixes: not a blocker, moved out of 0.10
    • add/remove -> construct/destroy: almost done, patch just got r+
    • if possible, RC1 will be spun today
    • aiming for release next monday, just before Add-On Con
    • may not be able to load libraries from content scripts in this release (needs platform support). Irakli may look for a workaround to get into 0.10
  • roundtable
    • flightdeck on BAMO (
      • if a new FF version breaks older versions of the SDK, they'll remove that SDK version from the flightdeck menu, so you won't be able to make new addons with the old SDK version.
      • BAMO has not been widely publicized yet. When SDK-1.0 ships (or beta1?), the plan is to flush the BAMO db and then start advertising BAMO.
    • gandalf: L10N: got web service done, looking to put API back into SDK. (based on Transifex). Send L10N questions to gandalf.
    • skywriter status: they plan to finish their transition by end of december. CloudNine folks are doing a lot of work.