Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-01-18

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  • followups from last meeting
    • Brian to set up Skype account for testing Skype-based meetings
    • Daniel to finish GitHub-to-Bugzilla addon for filing bugs on pull requests
  • FlightDeck 1.0a8 status
  • SDK 1.0b2 status
  • SDK 1.0b3 planning
  • draft 2011 roadmap feedback
  • roundtable
    • Window API options - support for window features string
    • Jetpack runner cfx tool equivalent written as a jetpack application
    • moz-js some modules that implements jetpack equivalent of node.js root modules like process, fs, path
    • E10S integration proposal using vats
    • Context menu API is not consistent with other APIS


  • followups
    • dbuc finished github-pullrequest-to-bugzilla addon, will send to mailing list
    • warner didn't get skype experiment running, will try again for next week
  • flightdeck-1.0a8 status
    • package creation button is done
    • new docs system started
    • SDK error output: some progress, but not done, wants Window API
    • update to 1.0b2: can do quickly after release
    • skywriter: waiting on piotr to implement
    • remove mootools-1.2 compat layer: done
    • papercuts are looking good
    • feedback on 1.0a7 is good: building XPIs is faster, less blocking (can use multiple machines via "celery", to scale better)
  • 1.0b2 status
    • CommonJS: on track: async define() can land today, small patches will follow.
    • Page Mods E10S: miss
    • traits: at risk. 596248 in review. maybe delegate one review to warner?
    • annotator example: warner will pair-review with myk
    • docs reorg: in review (myk)
  • 1.0b3 planning
  • 2011 roadmap
  • roundtable
    • Window API options (access to "features string"): maybe create a new API for the specific use case (opening a console window?). warner says, if we do add this access, uses a dict rather than a string, easier to control/filter.
    • alexandre: Jetpack Runner: run jetpack-based applications. Uses moz-js: provides jetpack equivalents to some basic node.js modules: process, fs, path. Could let us port SDK into JS (maybe node.js, maybe in-browser).
    • irakli: e10s using Vats
    • irakli: user complaint: context-menu API is inconsistent with other APIs: you add listeners in a content script, whereas in other APIS you add listeners on the object you create. myk recommended irakli should talk to drew to find out about the rationale.


  • Brian to set up Skype account for testing Skype-based meetings
  • Myk to recommend API with e10s adapter to serve as testbed for Vats