Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-02-08

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  • followups from last meeting
    • myk to post to discussion group about /js/jetpack/ situation
    • Create a bug for the future testing of SDK docs, Brian will be looking for a python script to aid in crawling the generated docs to verify things are operating as expected.
  • FlightDeck 1.0a8 status
  • SDK 1.0b3 status
  • automated testing update
  • roundtable


  • followups from last time:
    • myk failed to post to mailing list about js/jetpack situation, focus on reviews
    • SDK doc testing bug created (bug 630696), but brian hasn't looked for tools yet
  • flightdeck
    • in slushy freeze, bugs still being fixed. Release still planned for thursday PM.
    • some users have problems with Addon-Builder-Helper, some don't
    • Skywriter/ACE has new release, but if release is supposed to happen in two days, probably not a good idea to pick it up yet, too new
  • sdk-1.0b3
    • freeze next wed
    • irakli is focussed on platform catchup, and de-focussed on E10S, so pagemods-E10S is a miss
    • traits simplification: r+, updated, back in r?, on track
    • myk's E10S integration (clipboard, selection, windows, tabs) are a miss, won't be able to answer E10S questions by then
    • loader-rewrite is at risk: patch not yet ready for review, it will be large and destabilizing
    • XPI signature: brian will push discussion this week, code should be easy, but not likely to happen until loader-rewrite is done
    • NPM/$JSPATH are dependent upon loader-rewrite
    • docs-on-AMO patch is looking for feedback
    • annotator-addon tutorial is on track, patch will be up for review today
  • automated testing update
    • buildbot results are still being hidden from FF developers
    • buildslaves are still hanging when some JP tests fail
    • clint is looking at buildslave-hanging
    • once that's fixed, it will merely be a problem of JP tests failing
    • we will disable intermittently-failing JP tests
  • roundtable
    • E10S platform capabilites research - nsIJetpack/CPOW/Content-process-event-handler. Alexandre is looking for help with some code, used by Fennec, included in FF4 but not used there.
    • dbuc: web-devs would like pagemods to match on URL patterns with multiple stars, not just at tail of URL. Good idea. We made the pattern the existing way to match a feature in FF that does CSS modifications, but never ended up building that. We could push a platform fix to generalize the CSS modification thing, or let jetpack diverge from that syntax.