Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-02-15

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followups: myk posted e10s note, brian found tools


  • getting good feedback on Builder
  • wclouser will take IT stuff to do second? release after two weeks
  • features for this release:
    • delete and addon/library
    • private-vs-public, default is public
    • increase support for keyboard shortcuts
    • allow fetch of external resources: paste in URL, builder fetches and stored into db
    • restyle app to look like AMO
    • improve workflow when editing library and addon at the same time
  • talking about automated tests of builder-vs-SDK
  • want to make a new logo (shorter, to leave more room for editor)

SDK-1.0b3 status

  • traits simplification: 2-of-3 are checked in, last 1/3 is up for review
  • module resolution: miss, new loader doesn't work yet
  • signing: miss, but brian will try to send out discussion mail today
  • docs on AMO: should be online by time b3 ships
  • annotator tutorial: in review

automated testing

  • brian will try to figure out which test is failing, point myk at it
  • clint is waiting on a staging environment to test his don't-hang buildbot/bb-config patches


  • bug 606007 - need real windows box to reproduce
  • mozmill: they are building commonJS packages to manipulate firefox (specifically to create tests), we are also building CommonJS-based unit testing framework, we should work with them and avoid duplicate work. alexp has contacted them, they're eager to work together.
  • experimental jetpack console (irakli)
  • page mods option for content script (dbuc): stringifying function objects for short content scripts rather than forcing developers to store them in a separate file
  • give developers a web-content-like environment for the main addon script? we decided a while ago to not do that, maybe should revisit it?


  • brian to try to figure out which test is failing, point myk at it