Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-02-22

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  • Brian will figure out which test is failing this week

FlightDeck 1.0a9

  • All items are on-track and the [ftw] tagged bugs are all but finished in advance of the March 3rd maintenance release date.

SDK 1.0b3 Status

  • More bake time needed as a regression was found in the path handling section of the SDK.

SDK 1.0b4 Status

  • All stakeholders should review this draft this week and submit any relevant feedback in advance of a soon-to-be frozen final draft.


  • We will figure out a strategy for simplifying content-to-addon process communication
  • Exploration for E10S-ification of the SDK in Fx 4 is coming along well. A proposed deliverable for 1.0b4 is to generate a plan for SDK integration of various ES5 features.