Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-03-29

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followups from 1.0b4 Release

  • nobody has heard about anything needing to be done
  • bug triages going well

SDK 1.0b5 planning, status

  • Dave copied 1.0b4 missed items to 1.0b5
  • update the 1.0b5 list and add things you're working on

feature pages

  • Mozilla teams starting to use feature pages
  • by end of next week, we should come up with priorities for 1.0 release and post-1.0
  • not just a list of features, but also specs describing each feature
  • helps folks (outsiders, developers on related projects) understand features and where we're going
  • specs are collaborative effort, everyone contributes, Dave will make sure they're clean
  • everyone should take a look and see the ones the Firefox team has done to get a sense of how to do them
  • Deb will split them up by individual project
  • take a look at that, think of what you're working on, what you want to work on
  • for 1.0 or post-1.0?
  • Q about whether to do them for features already implemented
  • probably not necessary, Dave to talk to Jay
  • Firefox team discussed, determined that feature pages are for things that take two or more bugs to accomplish
  • discussion about whether these are feature pages vs. project pages
  • most remaining 1.0 work is bug fixes rather than features, so there probably isn't much to do for that release
  • Myk is worried about making this a requirement for 1.0 features given the work we have left for that release
  • Dave's goal is to have list of things we're going to write up by end of next week
  • making sure we're on the right path

Alex's JavaScript cfx tool

[Alex demonstrates JavaScript implementation of cfx]

  • implemented as an SDK-based addon
  • web page (URL: "jetpack:") you open in browser tab with GUI for browsing, testing, running, and packaging addons and XULRunner apps
  • you can test/run in the current Firefox process or a separate one
  • the tool finds all Firefox binaries on system and lets you pick between them for testing/running in a separate process
  • it would be possible to develop a command-line application like cfx with xpcshell or XULRunner
  • Alex to provide XPI that can be installed for testing
  • we might do something like this in the future; Python is a pain to install if you don't already have it
  • or maybe we decide that folks for whom Python is a pain should be using Builder
  • Builder might be able to use this via Node rather than relying on a Python installation and cfx on the server side
  • the addon can download packages, but they can also be shipped with the addon itself
  • this enables Builder to be an offline application
  • Daniel would love to have integration with the documentation

FlightDeck 1.0a9 status

  • pretty much hit everything
  • encountered a snag with keyboard bindings on Mac
  • delayed the release a few days
  • pushing to production on Thursday at 2pm PT

FlightDeck 0.9.2 status

  • restyle based on graphic design by Sean Martell that resembles global AMO design
  • search, based on UX mockup from chowse
  • a new messaging (notifications) class that gives users a log of errors and provides a passive message indicator
  • new versioning scheme that is similar to AMO's
    • this version is 0.9.2
    • subsequent versions will increment the last number (0.9.3, 0.9.4, etc.), whether they are additional alphas or betas
    • the final version will be 1.0
  • thaws Thursday, March 27 (three days late due to 1.0a9 delay)
  • freezes Friday, April 29
  • ships Thursday, May 5