Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-04-12

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FlightDeck 0.9.2 status

  • everything mostly still on track
  • focusing on integration of the presentation style used on AMO
  • implementing a message notification class at risk
  • some of the original presentation style wasn't performant, that is being corrected
  • whole editor will be a lot better
  • search backend done, currently the frontend works but isn't hooked up to the backend yet
  • new logo received, is now in builder, saved us a few pixels of space
  • everything is on track except notification stuff

FlightDeck 0.9.4 preview

  • get XPI generation down to under five seconds, for which we'll tune the new repack service instead of the existing code, since we'll use the new service to generate XPIs
  • phase two of search integration
  • refactoring all frontend JS
  • new editor frontend
  • there may or may not be a very small bugfix release that uses the 0.9.3 version number
  • versioning is being determined by the AMO folks
  • beta release scheduled for June 22, with freeze by June 15
  • Myk recommends two weeks between freeze and release given the importance of the release (alpha -> beta)
  • Dave recommends looking at featureset and possibly pushing off non-critical features

SDK 1.0b5 status

  • went through list of deliverables and updated statuses, notes

1.0b5 Bug Assignments Bug List

  • triaged bugs on list and assigned owners to all extant unowned ones