Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-04-19

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FlightDeck 0.9.2

  • AMO & Mozilla global styles integration landed
  • editor significantly better in terms of styling
  • loads faster, you can see more of content area
  • more flexible with changes to the size of the browser window
  • search integration backend has landed
  • first phase done: searching title, description, metadata of packages
  • frontend 60-70% complete; just needs some touch-up
  • frontend on track to be finished by Friday freeze
  • implementation of new logo: landed
  • create a new user message/notification class has been deferred
  • instead, team has focused on implementing a tabbed interface that lets you open multiple documents within the editor

FlightDeck 0.9.4

  • search integration phase 2: ability to index all JS files
  • refactoring frontend classes to make them more modular and easier to hack on, reuse (might mean some refactoring to reduce code size)
  • implement new editor frontend already landed in 0.9.2
  • addon repack service will incorporate the planned improvements to XPI creation performance

SDK 1.0b5

Status updates on deliverables from plan:

  • window-specific widget identification and communication: Myk has provided feedback, Alex is working on it, but it remains at risk
  • high-level postMessage wrapper: Alex is working on updated patch based on review; in late stages, should land
  • module resolution at build time: very close; Irakli started looking at it last Friday, Brian should have final patch for review tomorrow morning
  • XPI signing strategy: Brian wrote discussion group post; unclear there is enough time to decide and do something
  • be able to use NPM modules: Brian will start working on this once "module resolution at build time" seems at hand
  • $JSPATH: Brian will start working on this once "module resolution at build time" seems at hand
  • "system unable to find the specified registry key or value" error: Myk has made no recent progress
  • page mod access to chrome-privileged stylesheet info strategy: Myk communicated decision via bug 651184
  • code-embedded documentation: Will will probably delay until post-1.0
  • documentation search: Will will still aim to get this done for 1.0; Daniel to connect Will to Dave Dash, who might be able to help
  • docs links that work in both SDK and builder: Will will probably delay until post-1.0
  • first-order events in documentation: Brian to try to review tomorrow, 4/20; Will to split patch into pieces
  • passwords documentation: on track
  • tables of contents: at risk, perhaps worth delaying until graphic designers do redesign
  • content script event emitter documentation: on track, some discussion about what its priority should be, settled on P2

Irakli has been working on:

  • Switching to private browsing does not save the latest state
  • Chrome privileges in the content scripts
  • making jQuery tests pass in page mods
  • changing how sandboxes for content scripts work

  • w/Brian's help, Myk has driven resolution of Windows 7 test timeouts

  • Alex has some bugs that introduce API changes
  • it'll be important to communicate these changes
  • maybe we can add a keyword on Bugzilla for them
  • Myk: everybody add the APIchange keyword to them
  • also, a huge leak in Page Mods is going to be fixed


  • Myk: we're canning plan to set Firefox maxVersion to *
  • we'll need to come up with new plan
  • Myk has unofficial goal for this week to do that
  • Firefox release schedule probably impacts it
  • question about whether to always do repacks or sometimes bump AMO's Firefox maxVersion for an addon when the version of the SDK it uses is forward-compatible
  • Irakli: which builds of Firefox should we test with?
  • Myk: all of them! Ok, realistically, test with mozilla-central and/or Aurora nightlies