Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-04-26

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FlightDeck 0.9.2

  • everything is on track
  • new messaging notifications was moved to next release
  • search is going to miss because IT didn't provide boxes in time
  • search is going to land in two weeks

FlightDeck 0.9.4

  • happening in two weeks
  • will include search
  • also will include fixes to make sure changes to an addon through the front-end are applied to the database in the correct order

Add-on SDK 1.0b5

  • status for deliverables in plan
    • bug 630962, window-specific widget identification and communication: Alex has patch, will ask Myk for review today, still [AT RISK]
    • bug 635748, high-level postMessage wrapper: [ON TRACK] ; needs decision on name; Myk to make final decision; should land
    • bug 627607, module resolution at build time: up for review by Irakli; Irakli and Brian to co-review tomorrow; [AT RISK] ; might be worth delaying b5 to get this if it doesn't land in time
    • bug 613618, XPI signing strategy: [DEFER] until post-1.0
    • bug 614707, be able to use NPM modules: Brian has patch, but it still needs work plus review; [AT RISK]
    • bug 611495, $JSPATH: patch up for review; Irakli to review today; [ON TRACK]
    • bug 574563, "system unable to find the specified registry key or value" error: [MISSED]
    • bug 617029, first-order events in documentation: [DONE] , infrastructure is there; not all events migrated to use it yet
    • bug 646865, passwords documentation: [ON TRACK] , in review
    • bug 621078, tables of contents: [ON TRACK] , waiting review
    • content script event emitter documentation: [AT RISK] , API change itself hasn't landed yet; land this during freeze?
  • status for 1.0b5-targeted bugs
    • bug 606010
      • intermittent test failure
      • Alex is waiting for Irakli to review his patch
      • should someone else review it?
      • Myk to review
    • bug 649343
      • intermittent test failure
      • Alex to submit patch tomorrow once bug 606010 is reviewed and checked in
      • Irakli to review
    • bug 606351
    • Irakli: I had a couple bugs I was unable to get to
    • bug 645885, Update content script documentation for contentScriptWhen default change: API change itself hasn't landed yet; land this during freeze?

Post-1.0 Work/Celebration Week

  • possible dates: July 11 - 15
  • possible place: Paris office
  • think about it and let Dave Mason know whether or not it'll work

New Hires/Meeting Time

  • by June we'll have two more team members, possibly a third
  • should we change the meeting time?
  • we've previously talked about meeting at 10am PT (6pm in the UK, 7pm in Europe, midnight in Thailand)
  • (some discussion; general assent)
  • ok, we'll move the meeting starting next week


  • Alex: I marked two bugs with "APIchange" keyword
    • Dave: I'll make sure Will includes those in release notes
  • Myk: add "relnote" keyword to non-APIchange bugs that should nevertheless be documented in release notes