Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-05-03

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FlightDeck 0.9.4

  • no one around to provide status

Add-on SDK 1.0b5

  • intermittent test failure bug is marked as 1.0b5 blocker
  • all its dependencies have been resolved, so it can be resolved
  • myk to resolve
  • two blockers for 1.0b5
  • one of them requires input from Dietrich
  • Brian to contact Dietrich about it
  • the other one assigned to Irakli, but should be assigned to Brian
  • Myk to reassign
  • Brian to look at both bugs today

Add-on SDK 1.0

Take some time this week to fill in the table with new work targeted to the 1.0 release.


  • Brian has been talking to crypto folks
  • we might want to move away from current crytpo algorithm
  • would mean revving ID version
  • Brian to look into it further
  • Dan Horner talking about doing workshops this summer
  • one in San Francisco, one in London
  • showing off Builder and SDK
  • starting to figure out topics to cover
  • if folks have ideas, send them Dave's and Daniel's ways
  • if you want to lead a session, let them know
  • idea is to break it up into smaller sessions
  • Vivien went to Senegal and tried to teach using SDK
  • they had a lot of trouble using Python environment
  • first problem is that they didn't have administrative access
  • so they weren't able to install Python
  • so they weren't able to use cfx
  • they also weren't able to use Builder
  • because they didn't have internet access
  • he is trying to provide feedback to us through Bugzilla
  • Dave saw the bug, is interested in it
  • we should talk about it
  • we don't currently have a great answer for it
  • perhaps some of the work Alex has been doing on the side would be helpful
  • Alex would like to thank Will for docs
  • we landed a lot of stuff late in the 1.0b5 cycle
  • Will got high-quality docs into the product on short notice
  • yup, a lot of great stuff landed generally
  • thanks to everybody!