Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-06-07

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FlightDeck 0.9.5 status

  • release is planned for Tuesday, June 21
  • the name of the release will be Add-on Builder Beta
  • four major tasks remain
    • search index polish, f.e. excluding "initial" addons
    • looking for ways to speed up the test, download, and other URLs that aren't performant
    • finishing and testing the repacker service; should be able to start testing it this week
    • adding a few more user feedback elements to the UI to give people more activity feedback
  • Daniel has been creating addons and libraries every day to test out the app, and it seems to work pretty well

SDK 1.0 status

Non-code blockers:

  • Obsolete Jetpack SDK documentation should point to the new
    • on track
  • SDK docs should be hosted on AMO
    • everything is done for that to happen, but it hasn't actually happened yet
    • Will thinks we should persuade Wil to test this in advance
    • Daniel to talk to Wil about that today
  • Create release notes for Add-on SDK 1.0
    • Will to draft that today
  • Create FAQ for the Add-on SDK 1.0 release
    • drafted, up for review
  • also, Will looked at Jetpack wiki and noticed there is stuff that seems obsolete
    • Dave and Myk talked about it and have agreed to create new project pages on the wiki
    • Dave to talk about Will about this offline

Code Blockers:

  • don't append @jetpack to IDs that already have @ in them
    • Brian has code that is passing tests right now, he just needs to get Irakli to review it
  • jQuery("#someEl").animate(); warning: tried to proxify something other than an object: function
    • there is a patch that needs review
    • Myk to review today
  • Annotator's text content has become invisible in 1.0RC
    • Irakli has patch, needs review from Myk
    • Myk to review today
  • Myk and Dave are doing daily triage, will do that again this afternoon
  • Myk to spin second RC2 once we bounce off zarro boogs again, hopefully today


  • bug with reviewed patch for carrying URL from package.json into install.rdf
    • sounds like a low-risk fix that could land in RC2
    • Myk to look at patch and approve
  • Alex posted to release bug about panel documentation
    • already has requested review
    • would like to see that land
    • Brian to review today
    • Dave agrees that such documentation changes can land for RC
  • there's a bug we want Dietrich's followup on
    • bug 661108
    • Brian thinks a syntax error in Dietrich's code was causing the problem
    • the problem went away for Dietrich, no longer reproducible
    • Dietrich to comment in the bug
  • Eddy got an email from Myk with stuff from Irakli about OOP addons
    • especially interested in Irakli's proposal to use promises
    • interested in talking to Irakli about it this week
  • Eddy working on prototype for doing IPC between chrome and addon processes
    • problem with doing synchronous calls from chrome to addon process
    • possible solution, but would need to be implemented in Spidermonkey
    • Eddy to talk to Brendan today about it
    • if it cannot be done, probably the problem is unsolvable
    • because registering event listeners in the addon process requires it
  • Dietrich: there's a guy in the MV office named Felipe Gomez
    • working on model for event listeners for OOP in Firefox
    • meeting this week to talk about it; Eddy should join
    • Myk to introduce Eddy to Felipe
  • Dave: if you guys find yourselves with extra cycles and want something fun to do, we could use more good examples of simple but well-written addons with either SDK or Builder
    • good time to test the Builder as well
    • write some addons, share them with Will or Dave, we can show them off
  • Dietrich: put up wiki page with list of examples
    • Eddy: if we're going to put examples online, they should get review
    • Will: existing page is Labs/Jetpack/Examples
    • Dave: let's find a new spot once we build out a new wiki presence
  • Hernan: starting to work on preferences API
    • Dietrich raised concerns about making instal.rdf extensible
    • Hernan looked into it, not as easy as it seems
    • simple preferences API has two possibilities: options.xul file or put it somewhere else and reference it in install.rdf
    • but the latter option requires a resource URL, and you can't get it in the RDF file
    • it's computed later, and it isn't stable
    • Hernan was thinking of putting the XUL file in the root
    • someone: restartless problems? no, it works pretty well with them
    • Brian: we should come up with proposals for additions to package.json
  • Myk: it's a bit more complicated than that, we don't want developers to create the XUL file themselves
    • we need to create a file out of package.json
  • Brian: currently no mechanism to create extra files in XPI, but we could create some mechanism for it to do so
    • f.e. package.json option that triggers generation of options.xul
  • Hernan: Dietrich came up with option of decoupling from install.rdf
    • there are some issues (f.e. l10n issues)
    • perhaps we should warn in the documentation that if you add description in package.json and want it localized you will end up with mixed results