Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-06-14

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  • FlightDeck 0.9.5 status
  • SDK 1.0 status
  • Release Tue June 21 - no meeting that day!
  • Let me know of any add-ons you've built with jetpack/flightdeck
  • Marketing for next week
  • Roundtable


SDK status

  • one, maybe two blockers identified
  • self doc is obviously a blocker; brian's patch looks good
  • IE docs compatibility is probably a blocker, not necessarily a code change, but we'd probably want to make it a code change
  • least disruptive change patch has been posted to bug
  • myk: but doesn't cfx docs use your default browser, in which case users would see this problem locally too?
  • discussion concluding that it does use your default browser
  • non-code-blockers finished: waiting for communications people to review faq
  • docs already on AMO, just have to change links
  • old docs being redirected: bug filed, asking to make the change on the 21st, on track
  • zandr to take care of that? yes, as far as i know
  • dcm to confirm with zandr
  • myk: note that we'll have to push docs to AMO again after fixing the IE9 docs compatibility bug

FlightDeck 0.9.6

  • search testing: doing that, fuzzer was able to break it reliably, problems now fixed
  • browse link on front page now uses search feature instead of separate view
  • everything else with search is pretty much there
  • added search flag to omit addons/libraries whose version is "initial"
  • flag will be checked by default
  • we think people will change their version
  • user-specifiable version field has to be changed for your addons/libraries to show up in search results
  • investigated URLs that took time to perform actions
  • developers crawling URLs and looking at ones with problems
  • should be able to fix them
  • repacker service should be ready to go
  • the @jetpack SDK dependency has been resolved
  • repacker to be tested in the next couple days
  • we have some subtle UI tweaks still to do
  • we're pretty solid, everything looks pretty good
  • code completion scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 15
  • but willing to identify and resolve polish issues after code completion date

Release Tue June 21 - no meeting that day!

  • next Tuesday is release day
  • Firefox also being released
  • this meeting is cancelled next week

Let me know of any add-ons you've built with jetpack/flightdeck

  • if you've been building addons, let dcm know about them
  • marketing folks want to be able to highlight example addons

Marketing for next week

  • marketing plan
  • product page that will live on AMO
  • will include introductory video with dcm
  • also video that goes over SDK within Builder and mostly shows off Builder with dbuc
  • information about both products, where you can get them, etc.
  • will, dcm, and myk revising jetpack wiki pages
  • cleaning them up, removing obsolete content, moving them out of Labs
  • slow going, but making progress
  • marketing team running targeted ad campaign on facebook for web developers (using keywords)
  • will get targeted ads pointing to product page
  • product page draft:
  • videos are placeholders; there will be new ones when the page is done
  • alex: i posted two example addons on wiki page
  • first is weather widget using widget, panel, simple-storage, request
  • one of the most-requested addons on AMO
  • second is tree-style tab equivalent, almost working, still a few issues, almost there, more complex, uses low-level APIs
  • hernan: i have an addon mostly for marketing stuff
  • on AMO, 4000 daily users, SDK-based
  • GrooveShark Remote
  • not working on nightly, working ok on Firefox and Aurora
  • Irakli: i have a couple as well
  • trying to finish one for the download manager
  • not sure which one makes sense for marketing people
  • maybe it makes sense for dcm and irakli to sync up after meeting
  • dcm and irakli to sync up after meeting
  • alex: bug 663085 - no user notification when cfx command fails, any ETA?
  • f.e. when require fails you don't know what's happening, it's hard to test addon builder because of it
  • dbuc: talking about echoing this out to interface, not sure we're getting verbose output from cfx tool
  • piotr: discussion in bug
  • brian: would it be better to have a build xpi button that takes you to a separate page?
  • piotr: it's pretty rare, most times it is unnecessary, and when it happens it won't help user because failing xpi is our fault
  • brian: if the user makes a typo in a require statement, Builder should tell them about the problem
  • dbuc: i think we can keep them in content and show them errors there
  • dbuc and piotr to talk about it
  • alex: about performance, i know you're still working on it; in france, it's still 10-15 seconds to build package
  • dbuc: we're working on it; stuff isn't on CDN; you have to compile every time you hit test; would need cloud front, more than CDN
  • in long run, rabbit's hole of fail; long-run goal should be to do this client-side
  • we can probably improve 20-30%, but won't improve more for locations far from central server


  • tomorrow myk and dcm to retriage 1.0 bugs, reprioritizing and retargeting to post-1.0
  • myk to work on proposing schedule for future releases
  • hernan just finished preferences api implementation
  • github pull request
  • some things still to polish, but it's working and pretty good
  • needs review, some points still need work
  • only works with cfx xpi, because it needs to touch install.rdf
  • cfx run and cfx server don't touch install.rdf
  • warner plans to modify the way cfx run works to touch install.rdf, that seems like a dependency
  • inline-preferences only work in firefox 7 or newer
  • not sure addon developer should care about having a fallback or the API should warn
  • myk to do API, architectural review this week
  • brian to look at bug, start thinking about dependency
  • pull request <>
  • myk: thinking of thawing the tree tomorrow
  • goal is to do it post-RC3, post-retriage of 1.0 bugs, and post-initial draft of release schedule
  • any disagreement?
  • silence == assent
  • reminder: no meeting next week, just release party