Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-08-09

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  • Actions From Last Week
    • dbuc to post graph showing improvement in XPI building times
    • dbuc to investigate and report back about options for providing access on Builder to unstable builds of SDK
    • dcm to start publicizing initial drafts of feature pages by the end of the week
    • brian to send link to gábor re: problem with flushing stdout after dump, especially on windows
    • irakli to cc: gábor and eddy on the bugs he created for the JS engine
    • everyone to cc: gábor and eddy on platform bugs that are SDK dependencies
  • FlightDeck Update
  • SDK 1.1 Updates
  • Bugs Update
  • Roundtable


Actions from Last Week

  • dcm had a deep dive session with the products team and they were happy with what they saw
  • Some priorities have been changed, localisation has been made a P1 and tools for converting old add-ons to Jetpack dropped to P2. The main motivation here is that teams like F1 and BrowserID are building on Jetpack and will need Localisation in order to land in product
  • The roadmap has been updated and is on the meeting page. dcm will send it out to dev-planning soon

FlightDeck Update

  • Just about hooked up to AMO with oauth. Tests are starting next week and should be completed by the end of the week
  • Looking into adding a alpha/beta channel of the SDK to lightDeck for developers that want the bleeding edge. Expect this to be complete by the end of the quarter

SDK 1.1

  • Irakli sent a list of things to be included in 1.1 to myk
  • Wil asked that he be sent any requests for documentation for 1.1 features so he can get them done in time
  • Jeff will be doing a blog post on the new 1.1 features and wants to get a list together
  • Everyone should mail mossop/dcm/myk to let them know what features got landed in 1.1 so we can pass that onto Jeff and construct release notes

Bugs Update

  • There are lots of P1 1.1 bugs right now, we may re-triage them at the end of the week to make sure they are all P1s
  • Will is looking over the documentation bugs and has suggestions for different priorities that he will mail to myk/mossop/dcm


  • Matteo wants clarification on what mobile prototype we need
    • dcm says we should figure out how much we can get to work without any e10s work. It is an intentionally vague goal since it is such a short timeframe, the more fixed goal is to have everything working by the end of the year.
  • Dcm suggests that eddy attends the e10s meetings
  • Alex asks how we land changes for 1.1
    • For landing on the stabilisation branch, email myk with a changes you think should be included and he will cherry-pick across
  • Wil thinks it would be good to get the examples in the docs to be runnable, dietrich and adw made a prototype for this and it'd be good to make it work but worries it might be best to wait until after the loader changes in case that will break it
    • Irakli thinks that the new loader will make things easier but will look into it
  • Jeff has been looking into events that Jetpack could present at, he's found an event in Montreal that we could submit talks to Confoo, they accept English and French talks, he knows the people involved so getting in shouldn't be a problem. He'll email more details around.
  • Irakli wants to know what our plans are for e10s
    • Eddy is going to start implementing content processes to see how they behave
    • Irakli has a prototype of the new loader and wants to know the best way to work on this, should we have a new branch, who will be involved
    • Eddy may need better prioritisation from us on how to handle mobile/e10s
    • Irakli, Gabor and Eddy to work out the details on what the tasks involved will be
    • dcm, myk and Mossop to talk about the prioritisation