Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-08-16

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  • Flightdeck Updates
  • SDK 1.1 Updates
  • Bugs Update
  • Roundtable


SDK Updates


  • myk to ship 1.1beta1 today
  • will cherry-pick fixes from dev branch beforehand
  • not clear how many people are testing builds vs. dev branch
  • we should get more data, promote more usage
  • dbuc talked to flightdeck guys about beta channel
  • they say it isn't difficult but probably can't happen until end of quarter
  • shooting for October for that
  • mossop: do we have a sense for SDK vs. Flightdeck usage?
  • dcm: open bug on metrics from website
  • dbuc and i have both been pushing on it
  • use a company for metrics, and they aren't responsive
  • we may be gathering metrics and don't know it
  • dbuc to talk to blake about it
  • perhaps consider another metrics solution?
  • warner: perhaps folks are getting tarballs from github
  • maybe talk to github guys about distributing from there
  • myk: we used to have some stats from
  • dcm will continue to push on this

Content Process Prototype

  • eddy: begun working on content process prototype
  • first step is to figure out API
  • initial idea is to come up with XPCOM component accessible from XPConnect
  • had some talks with guys from platform team
  • the way we do this in fennec with alex's prototype is <browser remote="true">
  • maybe we should use this browser element and add attribute for addon process
  • facing decision about which direction to go
  • one trade-off is that browser element requires hidden window
  • XPCOM API would create content process and then tab element
  • but it wouldn't create browser element
  • and message manager expects browser element to be there
  • so if we don't have a browser element, we won't be able to use message manager
  • and thus we would be able to render content in remote process but not display it
  • third question is whether there's a DOM without a browser element
  • (much discussion about it)
  • myk: let's meet at noon PT (21:00 CEST) in Jetpack vidyo room to discuss further
  • all are welcome

Sandboxes for Scope Isolation

  • gabor: it isn't clear if sandboxes are the right feature
  • i know we want global scope for each module
  • not clear if we need xraywrappers
  • becoming clear that we don't want compartments
  • we should gather feature requirements to determine if we just want modified sandboxes or something completely different
  • dcm: let's create etherpad page and iterate there
  • irakli: i created this etherpad

FlightDeck Updates

  • sean working on search facets to help people find higher quality stuff
  • every couple of weeks, you'll get more facets
  • AMO integration on test server, enables you to push addon to AMO
  • should expect to see first AMO integration features in 2.5 weeks



  • dcm: pushed roadmap update
  • got anonymous complaints and nonymous praise
  • one critic said code quality is not good enough for Firefox
  • some people pointed out that stability is missing from roadmap
  • dcm responded that stability is an ongoing requirement
  • for the most part, comments are positive

SDK-based Addons

  • irakli: two addons that are SDK-based
  • first is password extension for Firefox, One Password
  • popular in the Mac world
  • brian: they have an iPhone client
  • irakli: another one i wrote, Profile Versions, uses Git to back up your profile
  • so every time you restart Firefox, it commits changes you made to your profile

Meeting Minutes for Content Process Prototype

  • dcm: myk, can y'all put a note in this meeting's minutes about results of noon meeting on Content Process Prototype?
  • myk: yes, i'll do so

Meeting About Module Loader

  • alex: is there meeting about module loader?
  • irakli: there's a meeting about mobile support that may address module loading
  • Thursday at 9am PT, 18:00 CEST in Jetpack vidyo room
  • all are welcome