Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-08-23

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  • Flightdeck Updates
  • SDK 1.1 Updates
    • Report from Content Process Prototype meeting?
    • Report from Module Loader meeting?
    • Report from Mobile kickoff meeting?
  • Bugs Update
    • Major re-triage of all "Future" bugs completed
    • Planning now out to 1.4 in Bugzilla
  • Workshops update
  • Roundtable


Content Process Prototype Meeting

  • eddy: built prototype we discussed using content processes in separate pool
  • working on getting commit access
  • e10s team added support for content processes in mozilla-central
  • prototype is now obsolete
  • it's possible to create multiple content processes using browser element
  • you have to set certain preference for it to work
  • prototype no longer necessary
  • looking into frame loader and message manager code
  • by end of week, want to start building next version of prototype
  • use XPCOM interface
  • as it doesn't always make sense to have a browser element for an addon
  • first thing will be to subclass (something)
  • still need to understand message manager and frame loader

Mobile Kickoff Meeting

  • matteo: we talked about approach to mobile
  • agreed to not have dependencies on e10s
  • even if we need to make more effort in the end
  • that way we make mobile development faster
  • and have mobile support by the end of the year
  • we discussed yesterday about who works on what
  • pretty sure i work on mobile
  • but alex isn't sure if he's working on mobile
  • not sure how to split work
  • talked to myk yesterday, to figure out how it works with feature page and bugs
  • i.e. how to split general idea of mobile support into concrete feature pages and bugs
  • in previous company, we used scrums
  • product manager created user story
  • dcm: the process is new, still figuring out tracking
  • we want to create bugs for smaller tasks
  • and link from feature page to bugs
  • tracking bugs might still be useful
  • not sure; up to mossop to decide assignments
  • mossop: on the firefox team, one lead developer in charge of each feature page
  • up to that person to file bugs on work that needs to be done for the feature
  • lead developer will take bugs, find other people to take bugs, or ask mossop to find people
  • matteo: how about info on etherpad?
  • mossop: up to dcm; you can use feature page
  • feature page is used by people outside teams to learn what is going on
  • but it's also ok for feature page to link to etherpad
  • dcm: lots of spaces in feature page for implementation, design, development
  • lots of places to put thoughts
  • one of the intents is for folks outside the group to be able to read and understand what's going on
  • alex: are we going to land mobile changes to master, have "compile flag", or make topic branch?
  • myk: we should prefer landing mobile changes on master, i.e. main development branch
  • to reduce integration cost
  • especially since mobile is top priority
  • but work we land on development branch must be shippable
  • so prototypes should not land there
  • but experimental code can land there if it can be prefed/configured/turned off by default
  • and not affect non-experimental use of product
  • in general, integrate early and often
  • that goes for other work as well, f.e. e10s work
  • although sometimes a topic branch makes sense
  • i think irakli is using topic branch for some of the e10s work

Bugs Update

  • wes: there are 70 NEW, 1 UNCONFIRMED, 6 ASSIGNED, 1 REOPENED
  • myk: that seems like a lot of open bugs
  • we should triage that list, figure out which bugs we can push off and which features we need to back out
  • wes: memshrink team wants to land a fix to report compartments better
  • wes: bug 680821
  • myk: it doesn't make sense to land fix on stabilization branch, which targets Firefox 7, given that the platform capability landed in Firefox 9 branch
  • but it does make sense to land on dev branch
  • myk to review patch

Workshop Update

  • jeff: we have event in lanyard (?)
  • bones of event promotion up and running
  • we need to do a social media push
  • dhorner and i working on it, hope to push it tomorrow
  • that's for london september 29 event
  • it's just filling it out and getting content ready
  • email going around about preparing talks for event
  • dbuc and i collaborating on interacting with web content talk
  • irakli doing adding to firefox ui talk
  • brian doing talk i don't understand
  • near term goal is to get word out in london community
  • and get talks ready for september all-hands
  • past that, i've been trying to give stanford patience
  • idea is for another workshop later in fall at stanford
  • contact at stanford gone silent
  • exploring other options, including mountain view performing arts center
  • that'll be my first port of call
  • worst case scenario: mountain view office
  • pursuing that, but still waiting for stanford
  • want to do it in october
  • that's the status, hoping to have SF event where/when within next couple weeks
  • by all hands for sure!
  • dhorner: also try computer history museum in mountain view
  • brian: they have good space, did addon con in spring
  • brian: do you have target size for audience in london?
  • dhorner: yes 120
  • we still are missing one assistant for brian's talk
  • brian: mostly lecture or hacking time?
  • dhorner: broken down into separate sessions
  • dcm: no confirmation that we'll be able to do dry-run at all hands

Major Retriage of Future Bugs

  • moved future bugs into 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 buckets

Add-on Builder

  • dbuc: pushed update yesterday with hotfix for template error on certain result sets
  • piotr: looking into AMO integration, first work should land for next wednesday
  • working on getting the rest of the search facets in, making s

Testing Repackaging

  • myk: we need to test repackaging
  • in case we need to do it for Firefox 7
  • dbuc: we have plan to test processing with sample addon
  • myk: we need to also test it with copy of AMO database
  • dbuc to talk to AMO folks about that
  • myk: we also need to check if there's an actual compatibility issue
  • dbuc: if not, do we still repack when SDK 1.1 comes out?
  • myk: no, we only repack if we have to
  • myk to check SDK 1.0 compatibility with Firefox 7



  • matteo: is someone needed for workshop in september? i thought i couldn't come, but now i can
  • dhorner: the one we need at the moment is assistant for libraries and modules session
  • brian: dhorner or jeff, are y'all on IRC? so i can ask questions later?
  • dhorner: not on IRC, but ping me on email
  • dhorner: you're down as assistant for web content
  • everyone check your assignments
  • dcm: then we do still need another assistant for libraries and modules
  • (not kwierso): maybe peregrino?
  • dcm, mossop to talk about this


  • alex: plan for localization?
  • dcm: plan is to build on what gandalf has done
  • getting some pushback from people about abandoning current mozilla system
  • we're trying to make it easier than the current system
  • hoping to sit down at all hands with gandalf and someone from AMO
  • myk: note that there is no current system for localizing addons
  • there is 1/3 or at best 1/2 a system for localizing addons
  • so best case scenario we still need to build 1/2 to 2/3 of a system
  • the question about whether or not to "keep the current system" can only be about the 1/3 to 1/2 of a system we have