Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-09-27

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  • Flightdeck updates
    • Repack synopsis
    • Schedule a post-mortem
  • SDK 1.2 updates
  • Workshops - ready for liftoff?
    • London: YES
    • SFO: *maybe*, need to discuss if we have too little lead time, mitigations.
  • 1Password addon, memory problem
  • minVersion/maxVersion proposals
  • Mobile status
    • cfx --force-mobile allow to run on fennec for desktop [landed]
    • cfx will support set of options to run directy on an android device, bug 688651 [about to land]
    • Page-mod is working on mobile, but still some work to be done bug 685564 [in progress]
    • Preliminary addon showcase on mobile: any idea of cool page-mod-only-addon or greasemonkey to use?


  • Jeff Griffiths
  • Gabor Krizsanits
  • Wes Kocher
  • Dave Mason
  • Dave Townsend
  • Will Bamberg
  • Irakli Gozalishvili
  • Dietrich Ayala
  • Myk Melez
  • Brian Warner
  • Dan Horner
  • Matteo Ferretti
  • Alex Poirot
  • Piotr Zalewa
  • Daniel Buchner


FlightDeck Updates

  • repack done last night
  • had some problems, lots to be learned
  • dcm to schedule post-mortem for this week or beginning of next week

SDK 1.2 Updates

  • first test build last week
  • second test build scheduled for today
  • testing so far has been positive
  • not a lot of activity


  • everything looks good for London workshops except that Anant didn't get work visa in time
  • looking for a backup, two candidates, one of whom is Shane Tomlinson
  • might not have a lot of experience with the SDK, but that could be ok
  • Matteo might be in Brian's session while Shane helps in Jeff's
  • otherwise everything looks good
  • current attendance estimate is 70-80 people
  • re: SF Bay Area workshops, after a lot of wrangling, obtained venue
  • legal approval for the contract took a long time
  • current date is October 17, worried it's too soon
  • maybe it's too ambitious at this point
  • Jeff and dcm to talk about it
  • Gabor: will sessions be recorded?
  • Dan Horner: yes, we'll have three flips

1Password addon, memory problem

  • Gabor: they have same issue we previously discussed: we create too many compartments because of too many sandboxes because of context menu items
  • why do we create so many sandboxes?
  • myk: if your question is specific to Context Menu API, Drew (adw on IRC) is the right person to talk to
  • Irakli: the API should create one compartment per tab, but also one per frame

minVersion/maxVersion Proposals

  • myk: i posted to discussion group two more dev process improvement proposals
  • the first is to set minVersion on stabilization branch to upcoming version of Firefox after merging to stabilization
  • the second is to set maxVersion on stabilization branch to upcoming+1 version of Firefox after merging to stabilization
  • so SDK 1.2, which comes out after Firefox 7 and before Firefox 8, will have minVersion 7 and maxVersion 8.*
  • (a bunch of debate that turned out to be violent agreement with the proposals)
  • myk: brian has also expressed concern that users might be slow to update, so we might want to support an older version
  • but i'm concerned that our Jetpack branch to Firefox branch matrix of support is already pretty complicated
  • so i think we should entertain that notion after getting automated testing up and running for the current matrix
  • Wes: also note that older versions of the SDK will still support older versions of Firefox
  • myk: and AMO will still serve older versions of addons to older versions of Firefox
  • it won't necessarily make them easy to find (you have to look for them under the addon's version history)
  • but it won't update an addon already installed to an incompatible version until the user updates Firefox

Mobile Status

  • Alex: lots of progress on mobile!
  • just added cfx command line flag for running addon on mobile
  • about to land patch for running tests on device using adb tool from Google
  • should help folks build addons for mobile because it's better experience than developing traditional addons
  • we'll have cool environment for building addons
  • mobile support for Page Mods API is in progress, almost done
  • still need to figure out some specific issues
  • can build prototype using current implementation
  • does anyone have suggestions for Page Mods-only addons or Greasemonkey addons?
  • irakli: most popular Greasemonkey script would be good option
  • brian: something that simplifies page
  • dcm: as long as site doesn't provide a mobile version
  • brian: perhaps for a site that doesn't provide a mobile version?
  • brian: or perhaps in reverse: on a tablet for a site that provides a too-mobile version on tablets
  • jeff: should we survey popular greasemonkey scripts?
  • jeff to look through user scripts today, create list, and send to group
  • alex to implement addon

Repack Recap

  • dbuc: started repacking yesterday at 4pm
  • most addons were repacked correctly to 1.1, but about 20 addons that were created with a 1.0 RC build were repacked to 1.0 final instead of 1.1
  • dbuc to re-repack those addons this morning
  • another problem is that some repacked XPIs didn't get pushed to AMO servers correctly
  • thus users stopped being able to download/install them
  • bug 689434 is on fixing that problem
  • piotr: part of the problems encountered while testing the repack process was that some of the addons had an unusual URL prefix in the harness-options.json file
  • piotr to email details to brian, brian to look into it
  • dbuc: and one addon author didn't like that we changed the version (appending .sdk.1.1)
  • myk, dcm: let's discuss all this in post-mortem

OOP Prototype

  • Eddy: wrapped up prototype, we should be able to test it now
  • leaving for two weeks this Friday
  • want to talk to Irakli, Alex or both to discuss it beforehand
  • Eddy and Iralki to talk about it tomorrow


  • Dan Horner: want to do more videos for SDK 1.2, go over API usage, looking for ideas!