Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-11-1

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  • canuckistani
  • wbamberg
  • dcm
  • mossop
  • kwierso
  • myk
  • zer0
  • jorgev
  • warner
  • dbuc
  • arron



  • first addon repack test run happened yesterday
  • six addons failed to repack due to an issue with IDs
  • -> dbuc to get clouserw to send IDs of failing addons to warner for analysis
  • jinja template rewriting ahead of schedule
  • new frontend framework integration on schedule
  • new search stuff, other bug fixes being pushed to production tomorrow
  • 1.3 repack testing can happen as soon as next week
  • -> folks to test repacked addons today
  • -> team to repack addons tomorrow if all goes well



  • myk will spin 1.3b2 today
  • many bug fixes have landed in the last week
  • help myk decide what to cherry-pick by telling him which fixes should/shouldn't ship in 1.3
  • FlightDeck could still use the ability to mark an addon as Builder-based
  • -> warner to put together minimal fix today

test failures

  • there have been lots of test failures in test automation recently
  • consistent failures have been resolved, but there are still many intermittent failures
  • too many/too frequent intermittent failures makes it hard to use test automation to validate changes
  • check after pushing changes
  • help out with tracking down and resolving intermittent failures

repack process

  • it's important for SDK developers to test the repack process
  • even when we start repacking only Builder-based addons
  • since Builder-based addons are also SDK-based addons
  • and we need to make sure the process is the best possible experience for addon developers
  • thus please test the results of the repack test run today

loader changes

  • the original loader was overly flexible and generic, with a lot of extra options that we didn't use
  • the new loader is mostly new, simpler, more specific code
  • only respects the manifest, no longer does a runtime search of files in the XPI
  • includes preliminary e10s support
  • has @module syntax for loading special modules (f.e. @packaging)
  • has internal module! syntax for using modules to load other modules
  • addon developers should not see any changes
  • sandboxes are being used in a slightly different way
  • manifest has a litle more information than it did before
  • `cfx test` builds XPIs with all the tests inside them
  • no more XPCOM component, only bootstrapper
  • will enable us to not unpack XPIs
  • will enable us to fix "paths too long" issues
  • -> warner to put together presentation about new startup flow


  • note Alex's l10n proposal
  • become an AMO editor and try reviewing some addons!
  • Slightly-less-ghetto-Sidebar-module is now a library you can use on Builder
  • we need a way to specify metadata about modules (in particular, what host apps they support)
  • either in the package.json files for packages or, perhaps better, in the modules themselves
  • not clear what is the best way to do so
  • -> ZER0 to post suggestions