Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-12-6

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  • ochameau
  • ejpbruel
  • myk
  • ZER0
  • jorgev
  • dcm
  • canuckistani
  • krizsa
  • dbuc
  • wbamberg
  • arron
  • shorlander
  • limi
  • boriss
  • warner
  • mossop
  • gozala



  • release happening Wednesday
  • nearly all of search goals met
  • transition to frameworks complete
  • will publish 2012 roadmap draft today
  • includes high-level goals and actions
  • includes rough estimates of dates
  • this release includes the ability to mark addons as examples
  • examples are called out in search UI, and you can filter based on them
  • satisfies request by wbamberg
  • SDK 1.4 release includes a new XPI layout
  • piotr is going to take a look at the extent of changes
  • SDK 1.4 ships on Tuesday, January 10
  • FlightDeck should be ready for it by then


  • Q4 goals
    • Build a prototype SDK that can build add-ons that use non-UI based features for Fennec
      • ZER0 has prototype based on 1.3, but it needs updating for 1.4
      • not sure we'll be able to finish that work this quarter
    • Build an API that developers can use to localise JS strings
      • ochameau should have patch for review this week
    • Create a plan for extending that API to allow localising HTML content
      • myk working on related subject: short-term solution for localizing HTML pages in SDK-based Firefox features
      • myk to take on this goal, although it is at risk
    • Create a new Add-on Tab API
      • gozala has split the work into several chunks, working on one of those at the moment
      • it should be on-track
    • Support community member(s) landing Prefs API
      • erikvold landed the patch, so the feature is done
      • it has received some testing to date, and erikvold has been responsive to bug reports
      • it needs lots of testing to make sure we stabilize it and ship a great feature
    • Make it no longer necessary to unpack/repack XPIs
      • warner knows what needs to be done
      • on track
    • Continue to release new versions of the SDK periodically with new features and bug fixes
      • SDK 1.3 released!
    • Land the platform support side of an IndexDB API to be ready for the developer-facing API in Q1
      • seems on track, one issue remains, krizsa should have patch soon
      • the time it takes to get review could be an issue
  • myk to spin 1.4b1 today
  • contact a driver if there's something you think should go into the beta


  • UX team is doing a redesign that makes addons more core to the product
  • to make it obvious how to extend firefox, add capabilities to the product, and uninstall addons
  • UX team will write up what they're trying to accomplish over next couple of weeks and solicit jetpack team's input
  • it will include both a grand vision and identifying steps to make progress iteratively
  • we have existing plan to move widgets to navigation bar
  • that work took a back seat to mobile support and l10n this quarter
  • dcm will be in bay area next week to work on 2012 jetpack roadmap
  • dcm will raise this during roadmap planning process
  • we need a volunteer to present latest update at planning meeting tomorrow
  • gozala to do it
  • ochameau has posted an etherpad presenting the big picture for localization
  • please give him feedback!
  • any update on when we might implement a JS-based packager?
  • we've previously talked about 2012 Q3/Q4
  • no update, but we'll revisit the question after we update the jetpack roadmap