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The MDN community has a number of public meetings about various ongoing efforts.

Where a dial-in option is listed, follow the dial-in instructions in Teleconferencing, and then dial the conference number listed here for the meeting, followed by '#'.

Meeting name Purpose Schedule How to join Agenda Notes/other
Kuma dev planning Plan MDN development for the week and triage Kuma/KumaScript bugs Every Monday, 18:30-19:00 UTC MDN Vidyo room IRC: #mdndev Meeting agenda
Dev Content coordination Coordinate efforts between MDN writers, DevRel evangelists and engineering teams Every Monday at 16:30-17:00 UTC MDN Vidyo room Agenda/notes
MDN Doc request triage Triage dev-doc-needed bugs and new doc requests Every Tuesday, 17:30-18:00 UTC MDN Vidyo room Bugs to triage are on our doc tracker
Browser compat data project meeting Discuss browser compat data Every Thursday, 17:30-18:00 UTC MDN Vidyo room Agenda/notes

All our public meetings are also available in our Public Calendar