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  • bug 1335501 Provide better error handling for xpcshell tests when the Android emulator becomes unresponsive
  • bug 1321605 Some test jobs intermittently run very slowly
  • bug 1302462 has been closed; Android mochitest-gl still disabled, bug 1285531 remains open


  • Pixels, refurbished Nexus 4, Nexus 5 attached to servers.
  • Have had major issues with Pixels, adb, etc. Have them under control now. One refurbished nexus 5 (nexus-5-7) is slow to charge but it is on low volume repos and with new charging ranges should be ok.
  • Initial deployment of Pixels for S1S2, Talos, Unittests completed. Will tweak to add moar tests soon. May remove other Unittests we don't care about (Rov, Rwv, Msk, Mdb, Mtw, ...)?
  • Bug fixes this past two weeks. Refresh later today for additional fixes and deployments.
    • bug 1335033 Autophone - disable rca on Trunk
    • bug 1335669 Autophone - phonedash - ui upgrade will fix some issues and improve usability


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