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Previous Action Items

Status reports


  • Lots of untriaged perfherder alerts.
  • No significant updates this week.
  • Mdm
    • continues to be a problem for greenage. Timeouts continue to happen randomly making it difficult to get green on all platforms.
    • New Android 6+ Assertion failure: status != 0 (ClientWaitSync generated an error. Has mSync already been destroyed?), at /mozilla/builds/inbound/mozilla/gfx/layers/opengl/TextureHostOGL.cpp:645, on local builds. Not reproduced in production yet.
  • How to disable Welcome to Fennec and Tab Queue pages?

Dev team

A Team

  • bug 1332084 geckoview_example smoke test started
  • gbrown's backlog:
    • 'mach android-emulator' fails with current sdk (our Android 4.3 avd not compatible with current emulator)
    • geckoview_example smoke test
    • improve Android 6+ avd for 'mach android-emulator'
    • PIE version of xpcshell
    • PIE version of cppunit tests
    • run tests against Android 6+ emulator/avd: arm, x86
    • improve support for running tests against Android 6+ phones
    • emulator sometimes prompts for update in automation
    • screenshot-on-fail for Android
    • gtest for Android
    • check on mochitest-gl for Android

Rel Eng


Round Table

Action Items