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Previous Action Items

Status reports


  • bug 1377108 - added additional server autophone-4 though it is not in production yet. Converted all servers to Fedora 25.
  • Working with esawin on bug 1368701 Autophone - Quitter extension fails to terminate Fennec on Nytimes on Nexus 4 after Bug 1359653 to remove all use of Quitter.
  • I believe the remaining issues with failures to report errors is due to the way I handle detecting crashes. Will test improving this and hopefully our error reporting problems will be behind us.
  • We need to decide how long to test using Nexus 4/Android 4.2/API 17 and Nexus 4/Android 4.4/API 19 and which tests on which repos are important. Running tests on autoland and inbound can cause these devices to fail after a year or so due to the load imposed on them. We shouldn't be running tests on repos if we aren't committed to fixing the regressions.

Dev team

A Team

  • geckoview_example unit test working again - bug 1365636 - thanks :droeh!

Rel Eng


Round Table

  • [bc] gbrown: Re: bug 1368701, Do we want to take advantage of the new shutdown intent etc for the other Android tests?
  • [bc] snorp: Nexus 4/Nexus 5 test coverage.

Action Items