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Only module owners may edit this page.

They may:

  • update any information about their module except the name of the owner
  • add or remove sub-modules
  • change the owner of a sub-module
  • add emeritus owners or peers

Other changes, including changes of module owner or addition/removal of modules, must be agreed with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via a discussion in mozilla.governance.

Name: Governance (#)
Description: Policies and process for how we distribute authority and govern ourselves; including:
  • Development and Implementation of new policies as appropriate for delegation of authority and responsibility
  • Management of the source tree
  • Balancing different constituencies of the Mozilla project
  • Maintaining the Mozilla identity as we take on new activities
Ultimate authority within the project rests with the owner and peer(s) of this module, and project decisions can be escalated to here.
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Peer(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich
Bugzilla Component(s):
Discussion Group: governance

Governance Sub Modules

Name: Module Ownership System (#)
Description: Healthy operation of the module ownership system, including topics such as:
  • Filling vacant roles where appropriate
  • Ensuring module owners are fulfilling their responsibilities, and replacing those who are not
  • Creating and staffing new modules where new parts of the project evolve.
  • Figuring out what to do if a module isn't getting enough attention
  • Resolving conflicts among module owners
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Peer(s): Stuart Parmenter, Dan Mosedale, Robert Kaiser, Mike Connor, David Baron, David Ascher, Mitchell Baker. Guillermo Movia is an 'observer'. (This is a new role we're trying out as of Jan 2012. The observers are watching and learning how the module operates, since there's no code in this module to serve as a learning /participation tool.)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich
Name: Commit Access Policy (#)
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Bugzilla Component(s):
Name: Commit Access Implementation (#)
Description: Governance structure for the work of enforcing and implementing Mozilla's commit access policy.
Owner: Marcia Knous
Peer(s): Josh Matthews
Bugzilla Component(s): Account Requests
Name: Security Policy (#)
Owner: Dan Veditz
Peer(s): Al Billings
Discussion Group: dev-security
Name: Mozilla CA Certificate Policy (#)
Description: Definition and enforcement of policies governing Certification Authorities, their root certificates included in Mozilla software products, and intermediate and end-entity certificates within those CA hierarchies.
Owner: Kathleen Wilson
Peer(s): Gervase Markham
Owner(s) Emeritus: Frank Hecker
Peer(s) Emeritus: Johnathan Nightingale, Sid Stamm, Richard Barnes
Discussion Group: dev-security-policy
Name: Code Review Policy (#)
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Peer(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich
Name: Performance Regression Policy (#)
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Name: Planet Mozilla (#)
Description: Content and policy for, including topics such as:
  • which blogs are syndicated to
  • which content from syndicated blogs is included
  • other policy issues
Owner: Mike Hoye
Peer(s): Asa Dotzler
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert Accettura
Peer(s) Emeritus: Reed Loden
Bugzilla Component(s):
Name: Mozilla Public License (#)
Description: Maintenance and development of the MPL
  • changes in the legal landscape which could /should be reflected
  • changes in FLOSS development practices which could / should be reflected
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Peer(s): Harvey Anderson, Gervase Markham, Heather Meeker, Luis Villa
Bugzilla Component(s):
Discussion Group: governance-mpl-update
Name: CA Certificates (#)
Description: Determine which root certificates should be included in Mozilla software products, which trust bits should be set on them, and which of them should be enabled for EV treatment. Evaluate requests from Certification Authorities (CAs) for inclusion or removal of root certificates, and for updating trust bit settings or enabling EV treatment for already included root certificates.
Owner: Kathleen Wilson
Peer(s): Gervase Markham, Ryan Sleevi
Owner(s) Emeritus: Frank Hecker
Peer(s) Emeritus: Johnathan Nightingale, Sid Stamm, Richard Barnes
Bugzilla Component(s): Certificates
Discussion Group: dev-security-policy
Name: Participation Metrics (#)
Description: Develop, monitor and analyze metrics relating to participation in the Mozilla project, including such things as:
  • determining which questions are most important to ask (how many people do X?)
  • determining what data is relevant to answer these questions
  • designing and operating a system to generate the requested data
  • analyzing the resulting metrics
  • notifying appropriate people when participation starts to change significantly
  • assisting various groups to understand and use the metrics to strengthen participation
  • produce periodic report/analysis of participation metrics
Owner: Pierros Papadeas
Peer(s): David Boswell, Asa Dotzler, Daniel Einspanjer, Annie Elliott, David Eaves, Michelle Thorne, Ryan Merkley
Name: Productive Communications Module (aka the "Conductors") (#)
Description: Promotion of productive communications styles within Mozilla, where "productive" means simultaneously honest and civil. This includes topics such as:
  • coaching people on who to respond to nasty settings;
  • coaching people to think a little before they hit post/send/submit.
  • coaching people on how to be direct and yet civil, notifying people they are at or past the boundary;
  • coaching people to recognize legitimate comments/ complaints / differences of opinion despite poor communication style
  • redirecting conversations into a better place,
  • building a culture of respect in how we communicate with difficult and contentious issues
  • when necessary, letting people know they've gone beyond the boundaries.
Owner: Stormy Peters
Peer(s): David Ascher , Dietrich Ayala, Mike Beltzner, Matt Claypotch, David Eaves, Gen Kanai, Michelle Luna, Kev Needham, Johnathan Nightingale, Melissa Shapiro, Gavin Sharp, Benjamin Smedberg, Mike Taylor (Bear), David Tenser, Daniel Veditz - collectively,
Discussion Group: mozilla.governance
Name: Internet Public Policy (#)
Description: Mozilla activities related to Public Policy issues that affect the health of the Internet. Our working definition of Public Policy is taken from Wikipedia: "courses of action, regulatory measures, laws, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives."

This includes topics such as:

  • determining if Mozilla should take an official position on a particular public policy issue
  • determining what that position is
  • determining how mozilla communicates our position
    • global, multi-regional, regional or local action
    • direct action, or support of action by other aligned groups
    • public campaigns or opinion pieces or educational activities, dialog with policy makers, other techniques TBD
  • strengthening local community capabilities to address public policy issues
Owner: Harvey Anderson
Peer(s): Mitchell Baker, Alex Fowler, Mark Surman
Discussion Group:
Notes: Area Expert Advisors: Katharina Borchert, Andrew Bridges, Hanno Kaiser, Andrew McLaughlin, Danny Weitzner, Gene Kimmelman, and Ronaldo Lemos

Area Expert Advisors are people with particular expertise who have agreed to assist Mozilla with their area-specific expertise. The Area Expert Advisors are different from peers. A peer is someone to whom the module owner has delegated some of her/his authority and a peer is expected to provide leadership for Mozilla within our specific context. Area Expert Advisors are advisors to Mozilla. They may become peers, but they need not.

Name: Weekly Project All Hands Meeting (#)
Description: Responsibility for the weekly meetings, including:
  • determining and implementing the best organization and structure for the meeting
  • Determining and implementing the most useful content
  • Identifying and implementing technical means to make the meeting accessible and interactive for participants around the globe
Owner: Matt Claypotch
Peer(s): Asa Dotzler, MoCo Desktop IT services
Discussion Group: mozilla.governance

(It's a new thing to have a group such as "MoCo Desktop IT services" as a "peer." We're trying this based on the idea that anyone in the Desktop IT group should be able to resolve problems and make fixes to the systems.)


Name: Popcorn Events (#)
Description: Events to support and grow the popcorn project. These include hack days pairing web developers and media creators, as well as Learning Labs to teach popcorn.js and Popcorn Maker.
Owner: Brett Gaylor
Peer(s): Michelle Thorne
Discussion Group:
Name: Tree Sheriffs (#)
Description: Tree Sheriffs aid developers to easily, quickly, and seamlessly land their code in the proper location(s) and ensure that code does not break our automated tests. In the service of this objective, the Sheriffs work closely with the larger engineering organization to create and enforce landing policies that increase productivity while maintaining an efficient and robust automated testing system. Beyond the policy role, they have also become shepherds of automation quality by monitoring intermittent failures, performing uplifts and merges, and identifying poorly performing automation machines.
Owner: Ryan VanderMeulen (RyanVM)
Peer(s): Wes Kocher (KWierso), Carsten Book (Tomcat)
Bugzilla Component(s): Tree Management::Visibility Requests
Discussion Group: dev-tree-management