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Wiki Working Group - 7 April 2014 3rd meeting

Last meeting's notes: Contribute/Education/Wiki_Working_Group/Notes/2014-03-25


(We'll start with quick introductions. Also, write your name down if you're in attendance.)

  • Lyre Calliope / @CaptainCalliope
  • Justin Wood / Callek
  • Rahid
  • jd
  • Larissa
  • Gordon
  • Jennie
  • Surit (imsurit)
  • Joelle

Agenda / Notes

What does it mean to be a module peer?

Christie's suggestion:

help craft and drive the roadmap (take lead on atleast one committee)

take an active part in any governance issues that arise

advocate for the wiki across the Mozilla community

  • add something about decision-making and escalation paths
  • ask laura thompson for guidance, another person to ask is gerv
  • Will folks remind me who would like to be a peer? (I didn't take note from our last meeting)
      • Gordon
      • Lyre Calliope

Organization Structure

Editorial Roadmap


Presented by Joelle

To address "questions of clarity" about wiki's position within different projects, teams, groups

  • How are people/groups currently using the Wiki?
  • How would people/groups like to use the Wiki?

What tools currently exist to gather data on wiki usage and maintenance?

Where to begin? Who would like to go forward/assist with this?


  • Need to gather data analytics
  • Survey groups


  • Build dashboard(s) separate from the wiki that tracks usage

What does Joelle need to proceed?

  • Needs to clarify specific questions to answer.
  • Might need help identifying how to get data to answer those questions.

Other / Misc

  • Filing bugs:
      • Most all wikimo bugs should be filed under Websites >
      • Bugs that require privledged access will be filed under Infrastructure & Operations > WebOps: IT-Managed Tools
  • Will someone help me get unstuck with this bug?
      • Gordon will help.

Action Items

  • Draft roadmap based on new governance/organizational structure - Lyre to lead
  • Track down GA person on web productions - Christie
  • Generate list of research questions - Joelle, research-type folks
  • Christie and Gordon to connect re spam issue
  • Register the IRC channel and op relevant users - Christie DONE
      • Ping on-call in #it to get op permissions in order to register channel DONE
  • Determine how we want to handle long queries - tbd
  • Submit module information to Laura Thompson - Christie

Agenda item for next time

Webmaker Wiki revamp

Presented by Matt Thompson

      • Looks great, but also provides an example of some things not to do.
        • Uses HTML instead of wikimarkup.
          • Wikimarkup tends to be cleaner and easier to maintain (once you get over the learning curve).
        • Uses external links for wikilinks.
          • Wikilinks help us get statistics from the built-in MediaWiki features (e.g. "What Links Here").
        • Has super fancy styling that may get in the way. (This is subjective, of course.)
          • Super fancy styling always requires a foray into HTML and/or CSS, and may clash with the skin (especially given that different people may be using different skins).
      • How can we provide this kind of visual styling while following mediawiki best practices?