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Mozilla Wiki Team Meeting
23 September 2014


  • Jennie
  • Christie
  • JD
  • C
  • Kairo

Agenda / Notes

  • Can we establish some kind of regular release schedule?
      • yes, let's start w/ once a week push (8:45 AM Pacific Thursdays) (allows for time to dev after wiki meeting)
      • push to dev, wait a week to push to prod 
      • can always revisit this for special situations (upgrades, etc.)
      • section in the agenda to note upcoming pushes
  • Any issues that need attention?
      • when will it be okay to actually remove old skins from file system 
        • sounds okay to nuke, nuke, nuke 
        • most likely not the single source of the code
      • bug 1066864 Increase the number of subpages that can be moved at a time
        • could temporarily raise the subpage number for maintenance work
        • let's look at the page we have and see what would be a number that would work for us
        • test higher number in dev and make sure we don't have any db or other performance issues
        • could also then grab db backup before work is done; 6 minutes to dump; 20 min to load
        • can bump up number in dev (from 100 -> 200)
  • Categorization
      • seems to work better with just organically adding categories to pages rather than coming up with category taxonomy first
      • jennie and christie started categorizing pages under Contribute this way and it seemed to work well
      • we can probably start enlisting everyone's help with this as long as we put together some good instruction materials
  • Christie has been thinking of ways to increase asynchronous participation in this group.
      • post to or join #wiki if you have ideas!

Action Items

  • all: If you have time, work on some categories if you like!
  • ck: translate new permissions plan into localsettings.php format so we can push to dev on Thursday
  • ck: create a draft of new user rights policy
  • webops: remove old, unused skins

Planned Pushes