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Open Items



  • Hosting infra request filed for external access, DNS config, and staging environment config bug 510268 (MoCo only)
  • Legal text review with cbrady pending
  • Final text edits for notification emails (adding consistency, footer, etc.)
  • Collection discussion - how best to make getting to collection page sticky (i.e. bookmark/infobar in addition to first-run, per discussion with Neil)
  • FAQ content/link
  • QA Review/updates
  • Security/Pen test scheduling


  • Design posted
  • Working on the browser info page and first run page, due soon (tomorrowish)


  • Meet with Kev to talk about the QA Testplan
  • Filed a lot of bugs


  • Last week
  • This week
    • Working on implementing Neil's mockups in HTML (bug 503324)
      • First stab at header / footer / home page
      • Aiming at registration next
      • Hope to have most everything done by end-of-week
  • Blockers
    • Additional bugs pending?
    • Anything else?