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Open Items




  • Code push to dm-partnerdist01 Friday (?)
  • Disk upgrade on dm-partnerdist01
  • Wiki Project Page Gardening
  • Updated roadmap/milestones
  • Blog post on Tuesday
  • Feedback/comments on Dave Rolnitzky's elevator pitch and messaging
  • Buildbot integration as a Q2 RelEng goal
  • Q2 Goals
    • Release of BYOB 1.0 w/updated registration, start page/look & feel, extension support, ad-hoc .ini support, and support for all official locales
    • Bundled extension installer support
    • 6 month roadmap (Q3/Q4) for BYOB



  • Hammering on Bugs and Verifications
  • Will demo BYOB again on Friday in Munich
  • Will be in MV from 4/22 -> 4/29 and i think there is webdev too :)


  • Final Q1 push to get a first working solution to bug 538888 (bookmark folders)
  • Will be in MV 4/5-4/9 and again 4/26-4/30


  • Revising copy (homepage, emails, other app pages) - sent first round of copy to Kev for review. Will send to J-Slater this week for his input
  • Partner "elevator pitch" deck being revised - goal is to have something to talk through with potential trial partners. Will have modifications this week.
  • Working on FAQ with Kev
  • Proposing a couple additional site pages (FAQ, Directory, Benefits/Features)
  • Went through BYOB process - had some suggestions for messaging/UI (may be overlap with open bugs)