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No meeting! Woo!

Status Updates

  • Joe
      • Last week:
      • This week:
        • SIGGRAPH!
  • Jeff
      • Last week:
        • stroke to path implementation basically done
          • passes cairo test suite
          • needs lots of cleanup
      • This week:
        • SIGGRAPH!
  • John
      • Last week:
      • This week:
  • Bobby - bug 435296 (decode-on-draw)
      • Last week (and weekend - don't judge me):
        • 21st birthday!
        • More importantly: removed XBM!
        • Synchronous decoding support within imgContainer
        • Layout changes to support the above
        • Got everything figured out for the behavior of various getters that used to assume access to frames
        • Discovered that the canvas spec wants drawImage to draw the first frame for animated images. This was TODO in the mochitests, but decode-on-draw made it pass. Shouldn't be hard to add code to ensure that it always does.
        • Fixed some state machine issues with OnStopDecode
        • Discovered and filed a pretty bad layout bug - bug 507902
        • Wrote a fix for the above
        • Wrote tests for the display of "loading" and "broken" image icons
      • This week:
        • Figure out some tryserver failures for my patch for bug 507902
        • Fix the drawImage issue for animated images (above)
        • Discover and fix more test failures
        • multipart/x-mixed-replace
        • Flickering (roc has a strategy that involves me doing a lot of layout hacking)
        • image cache fixes
  • Jim
      • Last week:
        • addressed initial reviews of jump lists backend.
        • additional work / testing on front end jl code, split patch up into multiple parts for separate reviews.
        • app user id registration issues, found a solution for jl code.
        • posted download and security policy prefs cleanup patch.
        • additional work to back port top crasher patch for 1.9.1 (still leaks)
      • This week:
        • sort out removed items tracking solution for jl, last of the work needed.
        • popup rollup hooks
        • check up on pc reviews / patches
        • misc. bug list cleanup
  • Rob
      • Last week:
        • Continued to work with build on getting a VM setup with the new SDK
        • Got initial legal review for the new Windows 7 RC SDK
        • Posted new patches for Aero Peek backend
        • Filed new dependent bug for a native window hook for windows
        • Got some initial feedback on Aero Peek front end over the weekend - more is needed!
        • Fixed up canvas crashing bug, will checkin this week hopefully
        • Did some initial review of the taskbar progress API for sid0
      • This week:
        • Continue to work with build for the Windows 7 SDK
        • More Aero Peek front end work
        • Acquire reviews for patches
        • Finally check in nsSwitchToUIThread removal for OS/2 and Windows