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Desktop Automation Status for March 9th, 2012

Project Status

  • Ongoing tasks involving monitoring test runs for new failures, disable and fix tests
  • landed bug 731155, bug 733742
Functional Tests
  • No updates, development dropped for the time being
Endurance Tests
  • Dropped off development for the time being, we have 13 endurance tests checked in and not failing

Test Refactoring
  • bug 592275 - waitFor refactoring landed for esr10 branch

Remote tests

Personal Status

Anthony Hughes

Next Week

Vlad Maniac

  • landed bug 732353 for remote tests
  • investigated mozmill test failures
  • logged issues for failing tests
  • bug cleanup for old remote tests and investigation to which of them are still usable
  • reviewed patches for Remus bug 733367, bug 732913, bug 731155, bug 733742
Next Week
  • land remaining mozmill test failure fixes
  • handle issues reproducible on mac os x
  • bug 734814 - finish investigation (has patch, could be Firefox regression though)
  • none so far

Alex Lakatos

  • patch for bug 724713
  • finished refactoring work for assertJS in the tests. the big patch is in test
  • offered assistance with mozmill test failures
Next Week
  • land and finish assertJs refactoring
  • work on mozmill tests failures, especially providing fixes for skipped patches
  • there is little time to get on the old failures because new ones appear every day, especially on the default branch. Ideas to improve that?

Remus Pop

Next Week
  • ongoing - fix reproducible failing tests as soon as they appear;
  • write tests for WebQA team; update patches that had been reviewed