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Assigned Device Completed
Anna, Andreea & Nicolae Android Completed

  • Options
    • known issues
      • After I select other language than the Auto-detect and I change it back to auto-detect, the Feedback panel is still in the selected language
      • takes me to 404: Page Not Found
      • enabling or disabling the Error Console from Feedback panel does not require restart as the testcase in litmus is saying.
  • General
    • known bugs:
      • bug 639829: Page position is not persistent on reload
      • bug 658214: Improper rendering in about:config when panning to left or right and when adding a new preference
      • bug 629645: Strange behavior when using geolocation pages
  • Tabbed Browsing
    • known bugs:
      • bug 639794: Opening a webpage from an external app should hide sidebars and panels
  • Bookmarks
    • observed issues:
      • This is not reproducible: So far this is what I remembered doing: I bookmarked and tagged two pages: and I cleared the browsing history after which I did a new history. In this moment I tried to delete the bookmarked webpage The star still remained yellow. In the bookmarks tab there is no, but in the All Pages tab you can see the webpage cnn starred and the name of the tag. Please see: video