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Geolocation Test Plan
  • First draft created 5-07-09 by jmaher - This is in progress


Provide a way for users to provide their geolocation information (based on a wifi geolocation service provided by google) to a website for more accurate location information (most websites do this by geolocation for ip address).

The biggest challenge with geolocation is the security and perceived security related to providing information to a website.

Test Strategy

  • Major areas of test coverage
    • Sharing Geolocation data with website
    • Privacy (Share Location, Don't Share, disable, Remember for this site)
    • Clearing history, remembering preferences, page info permissions
    • getCurrentPosition(), watchPosition(), update()
    • integration with other browser features
      • private browsing
        • Ensuring Geolocation is cleared after existing private browsing
      • session restore
      • drag and drop
      • other?
  • Litmus
    • 4 current test cases to cover general geolocation
    • new cases needed for remember and page info preferences

Schedule Scoping

  • Initial landing in 3.5b4 and trunk
  • Additional tweaks for bug fixes and general feedback by 3.5 release


Litmus Test Cases added