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Note: some of the notes for Firefox 3 beta 3 are still an issue and will be listed.

✓ means the relnote was included ✗ means the relnote was intentionally not included

Proposed relnote items for beta 4

Bug / Include? OS <thead> </thead> <tbody> </tbody>
style="background:#efefef" Description / suggested relnote / rationale
✓ {{Bug #}}
suggested relnote
✓ {{Bug 339229}}
DOM Inspector is no longer included with Firefox. It is now available to download as an add-on. (link to )
✓ {{Bug 415252}}
Gmail (new version) is missing names in the Contacts section. Fix is external, but yet to roll out.
✓ {{Bug 415704}}
Selecting "More Information" from the Larry UI does not launch Page Info
✓ {{Bug 420294}}
Mouse button assignments for Back and Forward have changed from previous Firefox releases. Previous versions of Firefox used buttons 6 and 7 for Back and Forward, respectively. Firefox 3 Beta 4 uses buttons 8 and 9. Depending on your pointing device, you may need to edit xorg.conf or use the xmodmap program to reassign the buttons on your pointing device. Refer to the xmodmap(1) manual page for further information.
✓ {{bug 406807}}
Removed support for depricated XPInstall methods
✓ {{bug 413115}}
some symbols rendered incorrectly in MathML
✓ {{bug 416683}}
when certain internet options are set, binary files will be deleted after download
✓ {{bug 420677}}
report web forgery menuItem broken
✓ {{bug 421058}}
firefox won't offer to change stored passwords

Modifications from existing beta 3 relnotes

  • Users running older distributions will need to update their certificates in order to submit crash reports (see instructions in bug 407748)
      • This is incorrect, the problem is on Ubuntu 7.10, which is a very new distribution. Should mention Ubuntu specifically, since that's the only place I've seen this problem reported.
  • MathML