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The purpose of this testrun is to ensure the Windows 10 Anniversary update does to cause problems for our Firefox 48 release.


Systems to be tested will be tracked in this spreadsheet.



We are looking for the following issues when they occur in Windows 10 Insider but not in Windows 10 Release:

  • hangs or visibly slow performance
  • visible glitches including blackening/whitening areas of the screen, checkerboarding, or other artifacts.
  • crashes (be sure to submit the crash report)

If you encounter an issue, file a bug report with the following information and then carry on with your testing:

  • a detailed description of the issue with steps to reproduce
  • a copy of about:support as a plain-text attachment
  • a link to any crash reports you submitted (retrievable from the about:crashes page)
  • check if the issue reproduces in Firefox Release, Chrome, or Edge and note that in the bug
  • Note: Only file bug reports for behaviours where Windows 10 Insider is much worse than Windows 10 Release.
  • Note: Only file one bug report per issue. If multiple systems experience similar symptoms, please attach the system information to the existing bug report.

The Test

1. Create a set up
  • Install the latest Firefox Beta
  • Run installer and select customize
  • Put the install in a custom directory (C:\Betabreakers48 for purposes of this example)
  • Do not allow Firefox to start when the installation completes
  • Start Firefox with a new profile:
    • Change directory to the folder where you installed Firefox: cd C:\Betabreakers48
    • Run firefox.exe: firefox.exe -P -no-remote - This will bring up our profile selector window.
    • Use the "Create Profile" button to create a profile new profile
    • Once the profile is created, select it, and then click "Start Firefox"
  • Load the about:support page and copy the Graphics section to this document
2. Test with the Windows 10 Insider Preview (Fast ring)
If you encounter an issue

File a bug report following the instructions in the Preamble, add the Bug ID to this document and continue testing once the report is on file.


Bugs reported and tagged with betabreakers-fx48b appear automatically below

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