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Suggested Systems

Target systems with ANGLE WebGL renderer in about:support::Graphics using the latest GPU driver available.

System Platform CPU GPU Demos
Lothar Windows 7 32-bit Intel C2D 2.13GHz NVidia GeForce 7300LE 256MB Tanx, Polycraft, Nutmeg, Xibalba, 2048, BrowserQuest
Marwyn Windows 7 64-bit AMD Phenom II X4 3.00GHz AMD Radeon HD3450 256MB Save the Day, Angry Bots, X-Type, Hextris, Auralux, Swooop
Vader Windows 8.1 64-bit Intel Core i5-460M 2.53GHz Intel HD / NVidia Geforce GT 420M 1024MB hybrid Dead Trigger 2, Biolab Disaster, The Wizard, Monster Madness, Hyper Vanguard Force, HexGL
Onyxia Windows XP SP3 AMD Athlon64 X2 4200+ 2.20GHz 2x nVidia GeForce 7950 GT 512MB SLI Back to Candyland, Gorescript, Bananabread, Tanx, Polycraft, Nutmeg
Ertan Windows 7 64-bit AMD A8-3500M 1.50GHz AMD Radeon IGP 6620G Xibalba, 2048, BrowserQuest, Save the Day, Angry Bots, X-Type
Surface 1-2 Windows 8.1 64-bit Intel Core i5-3317U 2.53GHz Intel HD Graphics 4000 1720MB (shared) Hextris, Auralux, Swooop, Dead Trigger 2, Biolab Disaster, The Wizard


Set up the test environment

1. Install Firefox
2. Disable the automatic updater
  • Open C:\Aurora\defaults\pref\channel-prefs.js in a text editor
  • Change the line reading pref("", "release"); to pref("", "foobar");
  • Save and Close the text file
3. Launch Firefox with a clean profile
  • Run cmd.exe
  • Change directory to the folder where you installed Firefox: cd C:\Aurora
  • Run firefox.exe: firefox.exe -P -no-remote - This will bring up our profile selector window.
  • Use the "Create Profile" button to create a profile new profile
  • Once the profile is created, select it, and then click "Start Firefox"
  • Note: create one new profile per demo to be tested
4. Make sure e10s is enabled
  • Menu button > Options > General > Enable multi-process Firefox Developer Edition should be checked
  • If not, check the box and restart Firefox


Follow these instructions for each of the 6 demos pre-selected for your system (as indicated above):

1. Load the first demo as indicated for your system above
  • be sure to only test one demo at a time
  • be sure you're testing each demo with a single Firefox instance in a new profile
2. Play the demo for 15 minutes, keeping an eye out for visual/audible/control issues and crashes
  • if you encounter an issue, disable e10s and retest the demo for 15 minutes
  • if you encounter an issue with e10s disabled, retest the demo for 15 minutes in Chrome
  • report any issues encountered following the instructions below
3. Record the results of testing the demo
  • Once the result has been recorded, quit Firefox and restart it with a new profile
4. Repeat the process for each demo in your list
  • Your testing is complete when you've tested each demo for at least 15 minutes

Reporting Bugs

When to file a bug
  • if you encounter a crash in Firefox
  • if you encounter a performance issue in Firefox that does not reproduce in Chrome
  • if you encounter a visual/audible/control issue that does not reproduce in Chrome
  • if you encounter any kind of issue that only reproduces in Firefox with e10s enabled
How to file a bug
  • All bugs filed should have [betabreakers-fx40] in the Whiteboard field
  • Use this link to file your bug report
  • if you're reporting a crash, be sure to include links to your crash reports (found by loading about:crashes in Firefox)
  • if you're reporting an e10s bug, be sure to set the tracking-e10s? flag
  • in all cases, be sure to include the following information:
    • a copy of about:support (attach to the bug as a plain-text file)
    • a link to the demo you're testing
    • a detailed description of the issue, including steps to reproduce
    • whether the bug happens in e10s, non-e10s, or Chrome
  • After the testing is complete, representatives from Mozilla will review the bugs reported.
  • Follow-up on your part may be required upon request.


Results by System

System Pass Fail Broken Bugs
Ertan 5 1 0 bug 1167778
Lothar 5 1 0 bug 1167700
Marwyn 4 2 0 bug 1167656, bug 1167778
Onyxia 3 2 1 bug 1168451, bug 1167700, bug 1167656
Surface 1-2 4 2 0 bug 1167656, bug 1167681
Vader 4 1 1 bug 1167621

Results by Demo

Demos which passed without failure
  • 2048
  • Angry Bots
  • Backyard to Candyland
  • Biolab Disaster
  • BrowserQuest
  • Gorescript
  • HexGL
  • Hextris
  • Hyper Vanguard Force
  • Nutmeg
  • Save the Day
  • Swooop
  • The Wizard
  • Xibalba
Demos which exhibited bugs
  • Auralux
  • BananaBread
  • Dead Trigger 2
  • Polycraft
  • Tanx
  • X-Type
Demos which failed to load
  • Monster Madness


Bugs by System

  • Ertan: 1
  • Lothar: 1
  • Marwyn: 2
  • Onyxia: 3
  • Surface: 2
  • Vader: 1

Bugs by Platform

  • Windows 7: 4
  • Windows 8: 3
  • Windows XP: 3

Bugs by GPU

  • NVidia: 4
  • AMD: 3
  • Intel: 3