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Chairing a regional meeting

Regional meetings are an important way reps can stay up to date with news and events within the Mozilla Reps program. It also gives reps a chance to update each other and collaborate on local activities.

Planning the meeting


Regional meetings should be held monthly and preferably at the same time each month. Because Mozilla Reps are volunteers, having this meeting outside of regular business hours may be ideal.

Doodle is a useful tool for figuring out which time slot works best for the reps in your region. Make sure your reps select their correct timezone before filling out the survey.


Use #remo-meeting on for all regional meetings. IRC is a good tool for these meetings as it allows for realtime conversation, is accessible on many devices and meetings on IRC are less disruptive than video or phone conferences.

Inviting people to the meeting

At least a few days in advance, email the reps-general mailing list as well as any regional mailing lists with the date and time for the meeting. You may also wish to email the reps individually who should attend the meeting.

Everyone is welcome to attend all meetings, though people who aren't in the region the meeting is being held for are asked to observe only.

Meetings are currently held according to these regions:

  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
  • LATAM (Latin America)
  • NA (North America)
  • APAC (Asia and Pacific)


  • Prioritize points that are better managed using live discussion.
  • Keep space for attendees to add points they would like to discuss.
  • Use Etherpad to share the agenda.

Using a similar URL for each of your region's agendas makes it easier to find minutes from past meetings. Use remo-regioncode-meeting-ddmmyyyy as a template eg:

  • remo-apac-meeting-12082011
  • remo-latam-meeting-25092011

Some things you should talk about at each regional meeting are:

  • Updates from council/mentor meetings
  • Recent accomplishments of reps in your region
  • Upcoming activities and events

Running the meeting

  • Enter the meeting room at least 5 minutes early to welcome the people, change the topic and start on time!
  • Meetings are to be held in english so that logs are accessible to everyone in the program.
  • Agenda owner should be +o in case of any issues with the channel settings, or spam.
  • Follow the agenda in order so that everyone can follow along.
    • Add any new items that come up to the end of the agenda
  • Fill out the agenda during the meeting with the main points of the discussion to create the meeting minutes, include any relevant links shared in the meeting.
  • Be clear with the people attending: no side discussions during the meeting.

Reporting the meeting

  • The log should be added to the end of the agenda so that people who couldn't make the meeting can see the full discussion.
  • Remove IRC noise (connection notices etc) before posting the log.
  • Send out the link to the updated pad containing the agenda/minutes and the log to the reps-general mailing list. This should be in the same thread as the meeting announcement.
  • Make sure to follow up on any action points from the meeting, eg send reminder emails to reps who volunteered for specific jobs.

Remobot Commands

  • #startmeeting starts the meeting bot
  • #topic title sets the topic for discussion
  • #link url highlights links posted in chat in report
  • #undo undoes the previous action and removes it from final report
  • #chair nickname sets a new moderator to meeting
  • #endmeeting finish the meeting and generate logs