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Mozilla Reps recognizes that our primary goals are best reached through the support, encouragement, and empowerment of community through mentorship. Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, made possible through regular and supportive interaction.

We encourage mentors to be as open to learning from their mentees, as they are to teaching, for the benefit and growth of both individuals and the program as a whole.

Being a Mozilla Reps mentor also requires a familiarity with different tools and processes that the Council has put in place to better streamline the way Mozilla Reps can document their activities, request budgets for projects, order swag and interact with other Reps.

How to Become a Mentor

Nominations are requested by council of the mentor community on an 'as needed basis'. New Mentors are nominated by existing Mentors, through one of two ways:

  1. Direct recognition by a mentor. ie: They know someone who would make a great mentor.
  2. Self-nomination, which is the process of proclaiming your interest to your own mentor or another mentor in the community. It will be that mentor's job to evaluate the self-nominating Rep. make recommendations to council, as to whether that self-nomination should be accepted.

You can read the complete process here


The mentor role comes with many administrative tasks, of which these are requirements.

  • Reviewing applications assigned to them on Bugzilla
  • Interviewing applicants to learn more about them, and tell them more about the program
  • Informing applicants whether or not they've been accepted to the program
  • Reviewing and validating their Reps with swag and budget requests
  • Providing feedback & suggestions to the Council
  • Participating in regional meetings (online and offline), notably the annual ReMo Camp.
  • Send Welcome Pack after Orientation Period Ends


The mentor role is also important in the development and success of mentees, as future leaders of the program. These are the requirements of Reps mentorship:

  • Scheduling an Orientation Call
  • Regular communication, as defined in orientation call.
  • Assist in more complicated budgets.
  • Update mentees Rep Portal activities with comments, encouragement & feedback.
  • Read all follow-up posts on bug - blog posts & photos (share where appropriate)
  • Nominate mentees for Rep of the Month, for reaching or exceeding goals & expectations.
  • Flag opportunities for your mentees (training, events, introductions)
  • Publicly celebrate the success of their initiatives
  • Communicate recognition of emerging leaders to council

NB: for information on first-steps of Mentors, click here.

Screening Rep Applications process

Keep bugs tidy
Please make sure that within the process the application bug is up to date with the progress and reflects the steps as noted below

1) Being assigned an applicant

Once an applicant has submitted their application form, a bug is created on bugzilla that is triaged by Reps leadership. If this applicant has been selected for the next round, they might assign this applicant to you, by assigning you the bug. If this is the case, you will receive an email informing you of this and will be able to access it.

Bug Status : ASSIGNED
Bug Whiteboard : Mentor assigned

2) Screening the applicant

The bug you've been assigned contains all the applicant submitted when applying. Read carefully through this information and decide whether or not you think this person is a good candidate to become a Mozilla Rep. Learn more...

3) Orientation Period

After an applicant has been approved to join the program, he or she has a period of working closely with their mentor to get started as a rep. including an Orientation Call. During this period (called the "Orientation Period) a mentor will help the applicant:

  • Take the first steps in becoming a rep, including returning a signed agreement and filling out a rep profile
  • Learn their responsibilities, such as completing monthly reports
  • Get started attending and planning events in their local area
  • Set personal goals

The duration of the orientation period from one Rep to the next. A mentor also decides when a Rep is ready "graduated" from the orientation period. Learn more...

4) Post-Orientation Period

Mentors continue to work with their Reps even after the orientation period. Mentors are tasked to always:

  • Monitor their Reps' monthly reports
  • Review and validate their Reps with swag and budget requests (see Tools & Resources)
  • Nominate their reps for appropriate recognition and rewards
  • Raise the profile of emerging leaders to council
  • Answer any questions or help with any issues/problems their Reps may have

Bug Status : RESOLVED
Bug Whiteboard : Accepted/Orientation Finished

Re-assigning mentorship to another mentor

There are some cases when the mentor assigned to a rep can no longer fulfill his/her duties as mentor. Learn more...

List of Mentors

Here, you can find the full list of mentors.