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This page talks about "Mentor". In case you are part of a Webinar cohort, this will be the Reps Council. The rest of the text still applies.

Orientation Period

Bug Status : ASSIGNED
Bug Whiteboard : Orientation period or Pending Signature

If the applicant is approved to become a Mozilla Rep, his/her mentor should help him/her to get started. This period is called the orientation period (also known as the "hand-holding" period) where the mentor makes sure the new Mozilla Rep completes the following activities:

Tasks for the Mentor

  • Once the agreement is signed and received, send it to the Reps program lead for archiving
    • Important: Do NOT proceed with the following tasks until the agreement is signed
    • Arrange an Orientation call with your Mentee. Mozilla Reps Orientation Calls are scheduled by the mentor approx 2 weeks (no later than 1 month) after a Rep has been officially accepted to the program. An orientation call is an opportunity to help your mentee set goals, clarify communication preferences and to ask questions.
  • Invite the new Rep in our Portal
    • Go to invite page
    • Enter his/her bugzilla email and press invite.
    • Notify for this via email :) They should fill out their profile information!
  • Send an email to the Reps program lead with Rep profile link to subscribe him to reps-general mailing list and the NDA group. His profile "Personal email" will be subscribed.
  • Add new Rep's bugzilla account to mozilla-reps group
    • To do this, go to Bugzilla > hover over your username (up right) > Administration > Users (on left) > Search by bugzilla mail
    • Click on the email resulted > Check the mozilla-reps group
    • Save Changes > Done!
  • Ask the Rep to create a Mozilla Discourse account and subscribe (watching) to the Reps general category.
  • If the new Rep uses Twitter, suggest him/her to follow the following accounts
  • If the new Rep uses Facebook, ask him if he wants to join the Remo group
  • If the Rep uses Telegram, ask him to join the Mozilla Reps channel, also you can invite him to the Mozilla Reps group.
  • Ensure the new Rep is aware that he/she can reach out to his/her mentor for raising any violations of the Reps Agreement observed throughout the program

Tasks for the new Rep (mentee)

Warm-up activities

Reps are accepted into the program based on their skills and for some on their previous involvement in other volunteer programs(non-mozilla activity) and the orientation period should not last more than a couple of weeks although each Mozilla Rep is strongly advised to regularly liaise with their mentors.

The mentor should get his/her Rep involved in some simple but mandatory "warm-up" activities to help them get their footing in the program. These warm-up activities can involve:

  • hosting a MozActivate activity [ONLINE/OFFLINE]
  • Introduce yourself to your fellow Reps in your region [ONLINE]
  • organizing or attending an event [OFFLINE]
  • host an informal Mozilla meetup (eg. MozCoffee!) [OFFLINE]
  • giving a talk about Mozilla at a local school or university [OFFLINE]
  • joining open Mozilla calls (eg. Reps Weekly Call, WebMaker call, Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, etc..) [ONLINE]
  • joining regional meetings on IRC (eg. ReMo regional meeting, ReMo webdev office hours etc...) [ONLINE]

Once some warm up activities are completed, mentees can leave the orientation period, check Post-Orientation Period for next steps.

Reps Welcome Pack

To request a Welcome Pack, the Rep must file a bug by following these instructions.

The mentor should approve this request by leaving a comment on the bug once the bug is filed.

A mentor should approve a request for a Reps welcome pack if and only if their mentee has completed a minimum of 1 online warm-activity and 1 offline warm-activity, described above.

Probation Period

If a rep's first 3 monthly reports do not say anything, his/her mentor should contact the rep and decide with the rep if it is better for him/her to leave the program for the time being until he/she is ready to be an active Rep.

Ultimately, the goal of mentors is to provide as many opportunities/guidance as possible for a Rep to reach his/her full potential.