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Buildbot master naming conventions

Zero padding

Hostnames use 0 padding, e.g.

Long Names

Full name: <hostname>/<directoryname> e.g.

directoryname should have a prefix of try, build, tests (note plural), or sched followed by a digit.

Short names

buildbot-masterNN can be abbreviated bmNN (note two digits). The slash (/) is replaced with a dash (-). So can be abbreviated bm04-try1

The short name is used as the name field in the masters json, as well as the name referred by, and the puppet manifests. The short name is used as the nickname field in slavealloc.


For the first instance of each type of master, use the following ports.

      build   try   tests  sched
SSH   7001    7101  7201   7301
HTTP  8001    8101  8201   N/A
PB    9001    9101  9201   9301

For each additional instance, e.g. try2, increment each of the ports by 1 (e.g., 8102 for try2's HTTP port). The offset from the default ports is local to each host.