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Welcome to Release Management.

Here's a list of accounts to set up, tools to check out, and any other details we can think of to help you start getting yourself set up.

Account Permissions

You'll want to make sure you have the necessary permissions to do the following and some will take longer than others to achieve so start early:

  • Bugs
    • Create a Bugzilla account. Ask for "edit-bugs" permissions. Request for your bugzilla account to be added to mozilla-next-drivers and mozilla-stable-branch-drivers groups in order to set tracking flags. -- file a bug (eg: bug 962151).
    • You can see security sensitive bugs if someone CCs you into the bug, or if you eventually join the security group list. Security permission comes later.
  • Repos
    • n.b. If this is going to be a regular set of requests it would probably be better to create a group for them.
  • github
  • ssh

Communication Channels

Release Calendar

This page describes the rapid release schedules: You should add these to your regular Google calender so you can easily see the state of any release.


Note that some of these mailing lists need approval from an administrator.

You'll need to manually subscribe to:

These are available as newsgroups, Google groups, and Mailman lists



  • irc://
    • #airmozilla - back channel for public broadcasts
    • #developers - monitor check-ins and speak with devs
    • #fx-team - good place to speak with desktop team
    • #mobile - good place to speak with mobile devs
    • #moco [access_key is here [1]]
    • #planning - back channel for product coordination meeting, good place to speak with broader product team
    • #pm - Project management
    • #release-drivers - release related discussions
    • #releng - releng team channel
    • #relman - our team channel
    • #security (ask for channel key) - the security team's channel
    • #qa - QE team channel
    • #www - for speaking with the team in case a push breaks or otherwise doesn't work

Many folks uses IRC Cloud as Mozilla as an instance (request an account in Service Now), others run a BNC (an IRC bouncer) (e.g. znc) and/or irssi under screen to get continuous view of traffic.

See below for a local pastebin install, so you don't paste huge amounts in channel.


EtherPad is a great tool for dynamic collaboration during meetings, brainstorming, or other times when you need to collaborate:


There's a local pastebin instance at, so you don't need to paste multi-lines into a channel. Use this handy helper script to pipe to pastebin from terminal.

   it creates a new page from stdin, and outputs the url to stdout
   an argument will be interpretted as the syntax highlighting format to use
   sample usage: hg diff | pastebin python | pbcopy (last part mac specific)
   set & export PASTEBIN_NAME if you don't want to post as anonymous.


Add a bug similar to bug 605709 to get your blog syndicated on You can choose to send every post, or create a feed for a custom tag (eg: 'mozilla'). Having your blog syndicated to planet is a great channel for announcing new features (along with tweeting and posting to newsgroups).



Feature Roadmap dashboard



  1. Please download & install Firefox aurora, beta and release
  2. Create new profiles for each version + your own profile. Read Multiple Firefox Profiles for more help with the profile manager.

Firefox Feature Road map is available here: To login, choose "login with Okta" and provide your Mozilla LDAP crendentials.


  • Configure your system to access to the Mozilla VPN in order to get access to internal tools.
  • [VPN General Info]
  • [Install for Mac]. *[Install for Windows]
  • Then, report a bug in Infrastructure & Operations: Mozilla VPN: ACL requests to get the ACL to ship-it. Example: bug 986037 and bug 1001632
  • Note that using the Mozilla DNS servers is necessary to resolve the necessary URLs

Handy Links

How To and Oft-Used

General info on module owners and partners:

  • Module owners [All Modules]
  • Mozilla Partners Partner Rolodex - Request permissions to your manager if you can't access this document.




In your bugzilla preferences, under Saved Searches, you can add some of the following to your footer for quick access:


Repos to check out

Community Contributors

Some of the above access & permissions will either not be accessible to community contributors or it might take a bit longer to achieve depending on the level & needs of the contributions being made.

Currently when Early Feedback Community Release Managers are onboarded we're basing it on these blog posts (one was based on the other). The short version is that we're looking for people who are interested in understanding how Release Management in a major Open Source project works and our hope is that they learn while also helping us maintain a higher level of quality and visibility into release-affecting issues than a small team of employees can manage.

How that can play out is in several ways. First, any new community member who wants to work with RelMan should have a very informal conversation with a current staff member to discuss their experience, interests, and then ultimately to come up with a good time for a regular meeting that can onboard them (if they're still interested) over a period of weeks & months.

Depending on the volunteer's time availability, usually 1 or 2 hour-long triage sessions a week are feasible. Ideally these will at least sometimes include other members of the team so that the new contributor is getting to know the rest of the members. Eventually the contributor should also start getting invited to (and attending when possible) our 30 min weekly team meeting.

Links to get started

Fun Tips & Tricks

Vidyo Conference Rooms

Sometimes when you're on the go and you need to dial into a vidyo room, you may not have time to find the info and having it already loaded in your phone can make a difference. Your RelMan teammates might be able to beam you the contact info from their phones, or you can add them yourself like this:

  • Vidyo; Warp Core 6509030800,92,5312#

Rooms to mark as favourites and contacts: Spadina (Toronto), Release Coordination (Virtual room, no physical location)

Subcribe to funstuff