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BETA (57)

This is a draft, please help check and correct these queries - lizzard


When release management tracks a bug in Beta we are committed to follow through on it until it is resolved. Our goal is to land fixes in time to test them before the beta version of Firefox moves to the release channel. It's especially important to track regressions, topcrashes, critical and high priority security fixes, issues that will impact many users, and issues that affect new or highlighted features.

Tracked bugs

It's often useful to sort these by the last changed date, and go through the oldest first.

Full Query
ID Summary Keyword Status Resolution
332275 Set a Default Text Size (or Page Zoom Level) in Tools > Options > Content > Default Page Size No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
900784 [meta] Add start-up cache for any JavaScript code. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
910207 Speculative connections should prevent Client Certificate Selection dialog No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1047098 'Clear Recent History' with 'Cache' or 'Offline Website Data' doesn't clear QuotaManager storage and ServiceWorkers No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1276488 XPCOM Startup crashes in nsTArray_Impl<T>::AppendElement<T> | mozilla::Preferences::AddBoolVarCache, due to problems reading greprefs.js from the omnijar No keyword REOPENED
1324892 Switch Mac builds to 10.11 SDK No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1332273 Implement a contentScripts.register API No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1333050 Implement clearing of IndexedDB in browsingData API No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1334730 stylo: implement an nth-index cache No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1337105 Crash in OOM | large | js::AutoEnterOOMUnsafeRegion::crash | js::AutoEnterOOMUnsafeRegion::crash | js::TenuringTracer::moveToTenured No keyword NEW
1339259 Crash in mozilla::widget::AudioSession::OnSessionDisconnectedInternal No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1339588 Various rare crashes in nsTimer, nsTimerImpl, nsTimerEvent No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1342556 Crash in PLDHashTable::Add | TraversalTracer::onChild No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1347984 Crash in EnqueuePromiseReactionJob called from nsJARChannel::OnStopRequest No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1349689 Remove old preferences fork (in-content-old) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1350535 Location bar suggestions offset when in full screen No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1352016 thick green line on the right and/or bottom of the HTML5 video No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1352458 Crash in mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::SendBuildID | mozilla::dom::ContentChild::Init No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1353194 Streamline addon update check at startup for 57 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1356596 Spoof page in full screen mode Firefox Android with "scroll" No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1359233 Crash in mozilla::ActiveScrolledRoot::PickDescendant No keyword RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1359624 Crash in libsystem_kernel.dylib@0x19d42 called from nsAuthSambaNTLM::SpawnNTLMAuthHelper() with Mac Sierra. Need to disable ntlm_auth No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1359840 Crash in shutdownhang | NtWaitForAlertByThreadId | RtlSleepConditionVariableCS | SleepConditionVariableCS No keyword RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1359888 TalkBack announces Check Boxes as buttons No keyword NEW
1360334 Crash in mozilla::MediaStreamGraph::NotifyOutputData since Firefox 49 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1360666 BigBlueButton Flash does not receive click events after switching tabs when 32-bit async drawing is enabled No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1361336 Audio output device cannot be changed. No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1361410 Webroot SecureAnywhere (WRusr.dll) crashes in BaseThreadInitThunk No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1361432 [10.12] Crash in objc_msgSend | -[NSKeyBindingManager interpretEventAsCommand:forClient:] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1363378 [e10s] Tab processes are not killed after crashing Firefox No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1363723 heap-use-after-free in mozilla::a11y::DocAccessible::DoARIAOwnsRelocation No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1364798 Crash in shutdownhang | ZwWaitForKeyedEvent | RtlSleepConditionVariableCS | SleepConditionVariableCS in GC No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1365894 AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free RefPtr.h:40:11 Release ~RefPtr ~SchedulerEventTarget (anonymous namespace)::SchedulerEventTarget::Release() No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1367895 Ensure Photon-only tests are enabled past Nightly before uplift No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1369533 Callback-to-JS conversions can generally produce null No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1369561 misc potentially unsafe snprintf and related calls No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1369672 Validate Graphite2-related font tables during OTS font decoding/sanitization No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1370791 New tab button (+) disappears when disabling a tool that is positioned in front of it No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1371657 Heap use-after-free in @[nsFrameSelection::cycleCollection::TraverseNative(void*, nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback&) /home/worker/workspace/build/src/layout/generic/nsSelection.cpp:613] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1372623 Nightly update prompted: Play store-distributed fennec_aurora build doesn't think it was installed via Play No keyword REOPENED
1372750 Embedded WebExtension manifests in startup cache cannot be invalidated No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1373934 Crash in mozilla::detail::HashKnownLength<T> No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1374983 Popup blocker notification bar appears then immediately disappears No keyword NEW
1375141 Crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: uriString at$StringUri.<init>( No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1375146 heap-use-after-free in [@ mozilla::dom::TabParent::SendRealDragEvent] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1376050 Date of birth field on travelers section doesn't accept valid input in Nightly No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1377618 Potential UAF in TLS 1.2 server when verifying client authentication No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1377742 about:rights shows XML parsing error No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1378207 instanceof operator can bypass Xray and run unprivileged proxy trap No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1378501 Geolocation permission popup always shows in English No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1379415 Facebook input box disappears when chat box is open No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1379793 Settings>General>Home displays panel for Settings>Mozilla No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1379885 heap-use-after-free in NeedToDrawShadow No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1380284 heap-use-after-free in mozilla::a11y::DocAccessible::RelocateARIAOwnedIfNeeded No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1380292 heap-use-after-free in ~nsStyleContext, nsFrameManager::CaptureFrameState etc No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1380824 Assertion failure: uint32_t(startOffset) <= startParent->Length() && uint32_t(endOffset) <= endParent->Length() [@nsContentSubtreeIterator::Init] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1380896 gmail is slow or stops responding No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1381638 Severe audio distortion/slowdown/delay sharing mic in multiple tabs (regression) No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1382213 Use-after-poison in [@nsLayoutUtils::GetFloatContainingBlock(nsIFrame*)] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1382260 [mac] Sandbox breaks font rendering for users with fonts managed via Linotype FontExplorerX or RightFont No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1382851 Invalid read @ libGLESv2.dll!rx::Image11::disassociateStorage() No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1382891 Automatically focus search field as soon as the page is opened No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1383012 Crash in mozilla::DeleteRangeTransaction::DoTransaction No keyword RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1383019 EXEC Crash in nsTimerImpl::Fire No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1383501 PBrowserParent::RecvPDocAccessibleConstructor Constructing a top-level PDocAccessible with null COM No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1383593 Noticeable delay when opening of first new tab if activity stream is enabled No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1384052 Activity Stream tile labels are too small No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1384482 Fennec: Make Treeherder and broadcast the right Android API level (API-16+) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1384615 Assertion failure: !wcompartment->lookupWrapper(ObjectValue(*newTarget)), at /home/worker/workspace/build/src/js/src/proxy/CrossCompartmentWrapper.cpp:623 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1384801 [LibFuzzer] SDP: global-buffer-overflow [@base64_decode] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1384829 Crash in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid span offsets at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEditable$Action.newSetSpan( No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1384870 Update snack-bar when editing folders No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1385207 Audio over RDP connections not working with sandbox level 3 on Windows No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1385531 Crash in EMPTY: no crashing thread identified; OK No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1385696 extension page in tab cannot open another extension page in tab No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1385991 Detect and block older versions of JAWS that are not e10s compatible No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1386110 stylo: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free in [@ GetExistingSlots] with READ of size 8 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1386323 Download speed drops with facebook opened (comet requests engage downloads throttling) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1386490 Crash in js::WrapperMap::lookup No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1386643 Vibrancy in the titlebar plus tab title fade results in a strangely bold tab title No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1386787 IPC: heap-buffer-overflow [@ JSStructuredCloneReader::read] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1386905 stylo: Assertion failure: !mInStyleRefresh No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1386960 Text in input is garbled/overlapping/corrupted/not rendered correctly No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1387357 Crash when switching quickly between tabs No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1387476 ICU doesn't pick up the correct system time zone on Ubuntu No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1387507 Remove a11y e10s app runner disabling code in 57 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1387659 heap-use-after-free in [@ GetLayerManager] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1387799 AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free @ nsTArray_base<...>::Length() | mozilla::layers::CompositorBridgeChild::RecvDidComposite No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1387808 Make the Firefox menu (hamburger button application menu) a bit wider in cases where the scrollbar is needed No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1387918 heap-use-after-free in [@ mozilla::a11y::DocAccessible::DoARIAOwnsRelocation] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1388045 Branch Pruning suggests to optimize away observable operands. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1388113 Intermittent AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free [@nsCOMPtr<nsIAtom>::assign_with_AddRef(nsISupports*)] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1388204 Show what's new page on version change instead of based on the client being updated No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1388243 Heap-use-after-free in mozilla::MediaStreamGraphImpl::UpdateMainThreadState No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1388343 [10.13] Online videos do not work if video quality is under 360p No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1388394 Urlbar doesn't highlight domain when dark theme is used No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1388584 Places breaks if there is a single-quote character in the profile path, resulting in Firefox freezing, not responding, and bookmarks being inaccessible No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1388611 Refresh loses recent sqlite changes in the WAL and fails doing a consecutive Refresh No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1388823 Sync shield-recipe-client v65 from GitHub (commit ff1b680c) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1389167 No obvious customization region for bookmarks toolbar in customize mode No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1389381 16 Second Pause in ExtensionUtils.jsm's truncate() No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1389476 On Mac if you hover the mouse over the tabs, the text from the tabs and URL and search bars becomes blurry No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1389784 Firefox 57 regression: ghost tabs (can't select the browser, get errors implying there's no browser hooked up to the tab) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1389889 Nightly 57 causes Win10 to BSOD with "0xD1: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" due to Bitdefender firewall component No keyword RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1389908 macOS: HTML color picker crashes Firefox No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1389943 Firefox Nightly icon looks wrong No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1389974 Static analysis missing a rooting hazard in NPAPI code? No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1389991 test_automigration.js is going to permafail when the Gecko version number is bumped 58 on 2017-09-18 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1389994 Various browser_UsageTelemetry tests are going to permafail when the Gecko version number is bumped to 58 on 2017-09-18 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1389995 browser_toolbox_hosts_telemetry.js is going to permafail when the Gecko version number is bumped to 58 on 2017-09-18 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1390001 browser_webconsole_allow_mixedcontent_securityerrors.js is going to permafail on Win8 when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1390007 Various browser_onboarding browser-chrome tests are going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED WORKSFORME
1390097 [IME] Google Japanese Input doesn't work on Firefox started with "-no-remote" on Windows 7 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1390253 Change stub installer's 64-bit minimum memory requirement from >= 1800 MB to > 2048 MB No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1390550 Buffer Overflow in Hyphen No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1390738 test_ext_contextual_identities.js is going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-14 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1390753 Animation of Hamburger Subview(Library and More) is not smooth No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1390885 When Title Bar is enabled the Themes selector flickers No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1391117 sessionstore browser-chrome tests are going to permaleak on Windows when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1391186 Thunderbird loses setting as default email client when "mailto" triggered by Firefox 56/57 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1391227 Default themes on Windows 7 glass still have usability issues No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1391393 Canceling Properties of bookmark dialog makes undoing previous editing No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1391410 Crash in nsCycleCollector::ScanWhiteNodes No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1391594 Async shutdown crash by infinite running JS code inside a window via setTimeout No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1391791 Audio (controls) element blows up in width if a padding is set No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1391797 Hovering inactive tab makes favicon blink No keyword NEW
1392105 Crash [@ js::jit::AssemblerBuffer<1024, js::jit::Instruction>::getInst] or Assertion failure: data >> 28 != 0xf (The instruction does not have condition code), at jit/arm/Assembler-arm.h:1996 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1392143 Video decoding isn't hardware accelerated inside GPU process No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1392472 [Onboarding] hide speech bubble to blue dot when resize to a smaller screen No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1392474 [Onboarding] replace the check box with a “Skip Tour” button No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1392475 [Onboarding] turn fox logo to watermark No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1392532 The font size on Linux is too huge, compared to Mac and Windows. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1392648 SHIELD browser-chrome tests are going to permaleak when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1392753 Create SUMO article to help with and explain Accessibility features/services. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1392829 Tour Overlay does not navigate to sync page when in a new tab No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1393095 Remote audio stats stopped working in Firefox 56 (regression) No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1393099 about:addons category titles get cut off in some locales No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1393628 Staged roll-out of full TP preferences in release 57 No keyword RESOLVED WONTFIX
1393805 Changes for bug 1332190 broke temporary installations of legacy addons with framescripts No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1393840 Assertion failure: mList.GetChildren()->GetTop()->GetType() == DisplayItemType::TYPE_TRANSFORM No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1394226 Borders of cells of nested table are not visible if borders are collapsed and rows have a background color and outer table has a caption No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1394265 Crash in OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | nsTArray_base<T>::EnsureCapacity<T> | nsTArray_base<T>::InsertSlotsAt<T> | nsTArray_Impl<T>::SetLength<T> | mozilla::WebGLContext::InitAndValidateGL No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1394455 [e10s] Media is unblocked while hovering an unfocused tab No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1394522 Null check ref pointers when iterating over intersection observers No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1394530 Assertion failure: this->is<T>(), at js/src/jsobj.h:575 with Promise No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1394681 network monitor replaced with web content No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1394730 Should clean up UITour highlight while navigating to another tour No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1394731 The onboarding tour nav item's icon doesn't change to the proper colored icon while mouse hovering No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1394784 test_signed_updatepref.js is going to permafail on DevEdition when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1394845 places.sqlite gets corrupt in Firefox v55 No keyword VERIFIED INCOMPLETE
1395005 Various AbortController web-platform-tests are going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1395006 Various AbortController mochitests are going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1395100 Assertion failure: cmpret == 0, at js/src/jit/arm/Simulator-arm.cpp:1074 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1395138 Crash in mozilla::layers::RenderLayers<T> No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1395480 Set a 2 week total tour notification timeout for 57 onboarding No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1395508 Firefox address bar spoof using RTL language and references No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1395598 Intermittent AddressSanitizer: stack-buffer-overflow on address 0x7fd63cf0da90 at pc 0x7fd650221486 bp 0x7fd63e932b40 sp 0x7fd63e932b38 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1395784 browser_controller_onDrop.js is going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1395785 browser_586068-apptabs_ondemand.js, browser_unrestored_crashedTabs.js, and browser_bug1303838.js are going to permafail on Linux when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED WORKSFORME
1395919 Assertion failure: MIR instruction returned object with unexpected type, at js/src/jit/MacroAssembler.cpp:1715 or Assertion failure: Unexpected object type, at jit/MacroAssembler.cpp:1715 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1396071 browser_ext_devtools_inspectedWindow.js is going to frequently fail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1396156 A number of builds are going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-14 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1396178 crashed tab exclamation icon overlaps text in the tab No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1396231 Frequent Win7-only AccessibleCaretSelectionModeTestCase.test_long_press_to_select_when_partial_visible_word_is_selected | AssertionError: 'aaaaaaaa' != u'' when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-14 No keyword VERIFIED DUPLICATE
1396232 test_videocontrols_orientation.html is going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-20 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1396240 accessibility and private browsing indicators overlap the edge of the window on Windows 7 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1396278 Parts of page don't display completely since FF 56 (ie in Gmail) No keyword RESOLVED INACTIVE
1396281 Windows control buttons do not follow Fitts' law No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1396320 allow-same-origin capability always granted in CSP sandbox directive No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1396414 Application Menu jumps after clicking Customize (Intermittent) No keyword NEW
1396466 Assertion failure: !existingExpandoObject No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1396542 Firefox 57 audio fails on some Linux machines; needs read access to /var/lib/dbus/machine-id No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1396654 browser_UsageTelemetry_content_aboutHome.js is going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-14 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1396879 UAF and/or nullptr + offset crash using repeated applyConstraints to turn off all processing No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1396984 Scrollbar becomes black on first connection of second screen No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397064 Referrer leaked even after setting referrer policy attribute No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397128 Crash on No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397214 Crash in gfxPlatform::InitAcceleration No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397236 Bookmarks folder in Bookmarks Toolbar unexpectedly closes after adding bookmark from Star button No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397278 When typing in urlbar or search box, box size increases No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397307 Invalid use of WMFVideoMFTManager::CanUseDXVA, and incorrect determination if DXVA is usable. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397320 Entering customize mode permanently hides EV labels for the current window No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397325 Fix broken font size in in-content pages No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397331 window.URL.createObjectURL() no longer works in Firefox 57.0a1 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397376 gExponentialBucketLowerBounds is too big No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397387 No longer able to edit bookmark item after closing New Bookmark or New Bookmark Folder dialog by [x] button No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397486 audio tag doesn't listen to CSS width [ff 56] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397545 recent bookmarks reappear after deleting bookmark No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397548 fails to try attempt to navigate to (actually any subdomain starting with http) in address bar No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397645 Analyzing of large file upload on is too slow No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397671 svg inside div with css "transform-style: preserve-3d;" is not visible No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397686 Sometimes network never finish loading No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397702 Intermittent SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/xpcom/ds/PLDHashTable.h:228:26 in Get No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397811 heap-use-after-free in [@ nsINode::DeleteProperty] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397918 Crash in from nsShmImage No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1397979 Various WebVR web-platform-tests are going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-14 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397980 test_worker_interfaces.html is going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-14 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1397982 test_interfaces.html and test_worker_interfaces.html are going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-14 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1398021 Update lz4 to 1.8.0 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398070 Crash in mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::WillDestroyCurrentMessageLoop No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398105 Crash in js::jit::LRecoverInfo::OperandIter::settle No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398142 Pinned tabs are sometimes overlapping and cluttered after restoring a session No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398196 On MacBook, on Nightly, "Add to Firefox" button doesn't detect trackpad tap, only click No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398346 Entry for 'File moved or missing' in Library > Downloads Panel jumps around on hover No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1398356 Tab crash when unplugging headset durring webrtc call No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398362 (Photon) Image/logo size in onboarding screen is incorrect on API 16 & 17 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1398397 Assertion failure: stackPosition_ < nslots(), at js/src/jit/MIRGraph.h:214 | EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_EXEC on Windows No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1398458 Crash in WeightStyleStretchDistance No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398477 Google Cloud Platform shows blank page due to lack of Long Task implementation No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398479 stylo: Assertion failure: !Servo_DeclarationBlock_PropertyIsSet(mDecl, aId) (Presentation attribute mappers should never attempt to set the same property twice), at layout/style/ServoSpecifiedValues.cpp:40 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398531 [Photon] Zoom indicator in hamburger menu looks bulky No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1398581 heap-use-after-free in nsFirstLetterFrame::CreateContinuationForFloatingParent (Stylo) No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1398582 [10.13] Tab bar is garbled on MacOS (native window title overlaid) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398597 [meta] Preferences/Options page takes a lot of time to open (3-5 sec), especially on first launch in a session No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398605 Long load time (20secs+) on Github PR with ~100 comments No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398671 Call AsyncAbort when a tail request is canceled No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398697 SVG sprite sheets can peg the main thread at some zoom-levels, when the tab is focused (originally at No keyword NEW
1398883 Disable the DataTransfer::Protected state for Firefox 57 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1398893 Breakpoints cannot be removed No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399068 Fill Login/Password through context menu doesn't work No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1399086 Mouse swipe gesture is broken/intermittent since switch to macOS 10.11 SDK No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399091 heap-use-after-free in nsRange::~nsRange No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399429 Downloads in Private Browsing window end up in main window Download List No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1399480 Painting issue No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399520 Intermittent AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free modules/libjar/nsJAR.cpp:61:21 in Release No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399542 [10.13] Window controls disappear from main window when not using titlebar No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399557 Crash in mozilla::a11y::DocAccessible::DoInitialUpdate No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399601 Intermittent TestFirefoxRefresh.testReset | application crashed [@ RunWatchdog] No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1399649 Talos g1 (tp5o_scroll) is going to permafail when Gecko 57 merges to Beta on 2017-09-14 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1399722 input boxes fail to register typing after contents cleared No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399723 Checkbox has 3 states – empty / full (white background) / with check-mark. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399802 RCWN: race only when disk storage is used No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399847 Crash in IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill with FontCollectionBuilder No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1399941 stylo: thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'attempt to multiply with overflow', servo/components/style/gecko/ No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1399955 onboarding tour menu item and button are overlaps each other in ja locale build No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1399958 Firefox suddenly stops rendering pages No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1399963 Font name in Preferences is Indistinguishable No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400003 nsTArray copies JS::ObjectPtr with memmove No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400006 Extend language negotiation in LocaleService to support looking for the best likelySubtag for the locale with region stripped No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400023 Password manager shows IDN domains with punycode No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400057 [10.13] Left portion of browser window is white in the upper corner No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400091 WebVR reftests are permacrashing on OSX since the uplift to Beta No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400101 Permafailing testAppMenuPathways | Waiting for menu to open. since the upilft of Gecko 57 to Beta No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400106 UI elements interfere with session restore No keyword RESOLVED INVALID
1400164 (photon) New tabs open with the close button invisible, on tablets No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400179 heap-use-after-free in nsRange::IsNodeSelected No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1400189 Space character occasionally skiped when writeing in Korean IME No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400259 Last used submenu/item is visible/highlighted in "Hamburger" (and page action, and other photon panel) menu(s) after landing patch from bug #1374749 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400375 307 Redirect to Intent URI not working No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1400386 Fix or disable test layout/reftests/font-face/font-display-1.html No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400391 test_ext_startup_perf.js and test_ext_storage_telemetry.js are going to permafail when Gecko 57 is merged to Beta No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400465 Plugging in or unplugging headphones crashes YouTube tab No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400537 Crash in mozilla::MediaFormatReader::DecoderFactory::Wrapper::Init No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400554 Crash in mozilla::net::nsHttpConnection::EnsureNPNComplete No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400562 BackgroundPageThumbs.captureIfMissing leaks when hidden capturing_disabled pref is true No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400595 Unable (again) to scroll Preferences if search engine table is not scrollable No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400599 Assertion failure: this != presContext->GetViewportScrollbarStylesOverrideElement in [@ mozilla::dom::Element::UnbindFromTree] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400674 Audio becomes out of sync with MSE when gaps in data are present No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400675 JavaScript strict warning: resource://gre/modules/TelemetryReportingPolicy.jsm, line 433: ReferenceError: reference to undefined property "FirsRunURL" No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400754 stylo: crash on Win64 Asan build No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400804 (photon) First run tour - the Sync button is not visible, or squished, in landscape No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400865 too many pref watchers for browser.tabs.remote.warmup.* No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400912 AddressSanitizer: stack-use-after-scope when plugging in webcam (regression) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1400913 find a way to prefer roots with bug 1364159 or revert bug 1364159 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1400926 stylo: thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'assertion failed: !importance.important()', servo/components/style/stylesheets/ No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401014 JIT reorders assignment statement, causing logic errors No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401016 stylo: panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: ParseIntError { kind: Underflow }', /checkout/src/libcore/ No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401091 Title of new tab not updated after redirect or location.replace when target page has no <title> No keyword NEW
1401122 The favicon of a pinned tab displays glitches when hovered or brought to focus No keyword NEW
1401223 [RTL] Part of the top bar of the hamburger button is missing when an update is available No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401225 EditorBase::SetTextImpl() uses the wrong length when collapsing the selection No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401249 getStringPref in clicktoplay-rollout addon returns null but was expected to return undefined No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401256 stylo: thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'should check whether we're a non-inherited property' No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401282 Sending a null intent to the search activity crashes Firefox No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401314 The search screenshots in the preferences window are wrong in RTL mode No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401383 Panel multiview panels are broken if you close the panel mid-transition No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401399 The URL field in the Activity Streams edit UI needs to be LTR always No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401441 What's new link to missing page in Developer Edition No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401522 Videos are not displayed after reloading a tab No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401561 Make sure the JAWS prompt doesn't trigger in non-e10s No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401641 6.49 - 13.89% tp5o / tp5o_webext (osx-10-10) regression on push e4ac2e4268c7 (Tue Sep 19 2017) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401706 stylo: Assertion failure: aFrame->StyleContext()->IsNonInheritingAnonBox() (Why did this frame not end up with a parent context?), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/layout/base/ServoRestyleManager.cpp:1516 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401739 stylo: Assertion failure: nsLayoutUtils::FirstContinuationOrIBSplitSibling(parent) == this (This should only be used for children!) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401804 Intermittent application crashed [@ js::ProxyObject::setPrivate(JS::Value const&)] (Assertion failure: !JS::GCThingIsMarkedGray(JS::GCCellPtr(priv)), at js/src/vm/ProxyObject.cpp:131) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401840 Crash in nsFrameManager::CaptureFrameStateFor when opening Presenter View in Google Slides No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401851 Yahoo favicon / rich-icon is black No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401878 SiteDataManager.jsm removeAll should clean up ServiceWorkers and QuotaManager data No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401922 [Bug 1400537] Crash in mozilla::MediaFormatReader::DecoderFactory::Wrapper::Init. Part2 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401957 [10.13] Dark bar visible at top of URL bar when using default theme No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1401982 Trigger restart doorhanger if "Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser" preference is toggled. No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401991 The "Library" toolbarbutton opens an empty popup if the toolbarbutton was clicked with the "Library" submenu opened in Firefox's main menu. No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1401992 stylo: Assertion failure: !mInStyleRefresh, at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/layout/base/ServoRestyleManager.cpp:1228 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402023 Limit the 'Recent Activity' list to a maximum of 6 items No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402025 Removing form target after calling HTMLFormElement.submit() changes target of pending submission No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402054 [10.13] Rendering issues of close, minimize, maximize/fullscreen buttons No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402059 TypeError: can't redefine non-configurable property "gEditItemOverlay" when opening the library window on Mac (lots of menu items enabled when they should be disabled) No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402126 Downloads subview in Library has icons that are too small No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402157 stylo: Assertion failure: aFrame->HasImageRequest() (why call me?) in [@ mozilla::css::ImageLoader::DisassociateRequestFromFrame] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402178 Title and urls get cropped with overflow ellipses at strange places when results updates No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402218 stylo: AddressSanitizer: use-after-poison on address @ GetStateBits nsAbsoluteContainingBlock::Reflow No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402219 stylo: custom properties in keyframes are not used No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402272 Evaluate a different approach for adjustSiteIconStart No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402330 location bar "eyeglass" icon stays in location bar after editing the URL No keyword NEW
1402357 Flash broken on Google finance website No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1402373 Slack's red badge favicon is shown for no reason and then isn't cleared when all messages are read No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402377 Mic goes silent after unplugging (different device) camera (regression) No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402442 stylo: panicked at 'We're removing a pseudo, so we should reframe!' No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402461 .focus() not always open android keyboard No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402493 Refresh button gets stuck in disabled stop state when extension loads content in page No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402555 deleting history from urlbar completion list doesn't work No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402577 Title bar text is not visible on macOS No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402592 Crash in shutdownhang | ZwWaitForKeyedEvent | RtlSleepConditionVariableCS | SleepConditionVariableCS | mozilla::detail::ConditionVariableImpl::wait | mozilla::CondVar::Wait | mozilla::ThreadEventQueue<T>::GetEvent No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402643 VP9 frames are shown out of order No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1402681 Crash in mozilla::net::SpeculativeConnectArgs::Release No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402740 modal sheets slide out from an odd place No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402798 SVG: Invalid memory access at 0x00009fdf8004 in isNothing No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402871 AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/nsCOMPtr.h:796:45 in operator bool No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402876 Crash [@ js::jit::JSJitFrameIter::checkInvalidation] with OOM No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1402918 Applications section is blank if preferences is launched not directly into General tab No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1402964 visible loading spinner when video loops No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403052 tabs collection may exceed memcached server limits No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403063 Disable VP8 HW decoder on windows 10 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403110 [Windows 7] Disabled overflow scroll buttons are too dark No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403127 Can't save an Mp4 video from context menu in full screen mode No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403153 ~8px top margin on maximized Firefox windows after Windows 10 update (on most resolutions) No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1403202 Near-zero contrast for Firefox name in 57 installer on Mac No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403215 Fix broken Snippets pref, perceived performance and bug fixes to Activity Stream No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403282 stylo: attr() does not ignore whitespace No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403293 Firefox 57 Beta: Scrolling inside JS expanded element not working No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403353 Increase in crashes with Intel's igdusc64.dll module during Firefox 57 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403382 Dragging the back button out of the toolbar in customize mode adjusts the toolbar height No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403386 Elm debugger pop-up window is blank No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403398 [HBO] Error: An HDCP issue was detected with your device setup. No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1403412 Disable VP9 estimizer on Mac. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403432 windowed mode doesn't display current page's title/url as it used to No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403460 Copying and pasting using keyboard keys causes browser to hang with High Sierra 10.13 No keyword RESOLVED INVALID
1403473 about:url-classifier JS debug error for hashcompleter No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403550 Library button is out of position when maximizing window during animation No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403563 Tabs scrolling with mouse wheel is very, very slow No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403620 Icons for taskbar previews missing or broken for pages with SVG icons (notably shipped about: pages) when "Show tab previews in the Windows taskbar" is turned on No keyword NEW
1403623 ctrl-f sometimes does not open findbar in newly opened tab No keyword RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1403646 Dead object proxies can violate some invariants that JSObject::swap asserts No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403706 Discolored or missing src=blob: image on No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403714 Firefox stops sending video in low-bandwidth conditions and doesn't recover No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403716 Fix the underlying issues that make the patch for bug 1355109 crashy No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403781 Search suggestions in address bar are not aligned correctly if there is no toolbar icon / spacer to the left of the addressbar No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403841 Crash in nsINode::IsEditableInternal No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1403845 stylo: Crash in style::properties::cascade No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1403867 Private Browsing/Accessibility indicator makes the menu toolbar too large No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1403998 view-source gets wrong result principal URI on redirects No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1404093 speedtest cannot running if tab opened from link No keyword NEW
1404111 On some devices, IME doesn't appear when clicking into an input field after navigating away from about:home No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1404126 followonsearch-fs takes significant amount time when opening a new tab No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1404206 Needs discussion about inputmode value of Smart Location Bar No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1404323 Elements with a shadow over video (animated) content are blinking No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1404345 Users are upset and confused about how to turn off Pocket or other sections No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1404387 e10s disabled by user; pref maybe needing reset (for 57) No keyword RESOLVED WONTFIX
1404422 On session restore, some tabs never finish loading because imagelib unblocks load events before blocking them No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1404495 restore blue throbber to background tab loads No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1404556 u2fhud build breakage on musl libc No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1404589 heap-use-after-free in nsStyleContext::DoGetStyleDisplay No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1404636 Differential Testing: Different output message involving typed arrays No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1404651 arrow keys do not move through tabs when tabs have focus No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1404665 Long font names with similar start in Preferences are indistinguishable No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1404713 Can't enter fullscreen on youtube after moving a tab to another window. No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1404919 Fonts don't display correctly with content sandboxing on macOS with Extensis Suitcase Fusion font manager No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405032 Export a8fa0c91 - fix(styles): Update search focus to Blue-50 shades of Grey-90 (#3588) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405034 Export 34ac569d - fix(styles): Also use same 12px margin for editing top sites (#3596) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405035 Export ab150eec - fix(styles): Remove italics from edit placeholder (#3603) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405036 Export f69c1643 - fix(styles): Size edit input boxes based on available width (#3601) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405037 Export 3d8f7870 - fix(places): Dispatch a single action with all synchronously deleted links (#3589) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405038 Export 7470a9c6 - fix(card): Fade from gradient to loaded image only after loading (#3611) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405040 Export fa863ebb - chore(styles): Backport Bug 1399642 - Use photon search icon in awesomebar. r=dao (#3614) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405041 Export 5a8b339e - fix(topics): Allow showing uninitialized topics to avoid height changes on receiving topics (#3610) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405044 Export 0a59e401 - chore(l10n): Update L10n from changeset 4e389cf4676fbb2e8a7153104b7c97acb769cb95 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405045 Export 019fdbda - Merge pull request #3542 from k88hudson/snippets-dont-block-on-onboarding No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405047 Export 43262ffa - chore(ping-centre): Shield ID filtering should happen per ping sent (#3618) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405048 Export 5445b6fc - chore(prefs): Restore default onboarding pref when UNINITing (#3620) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405049 Export b24927a8 - chore(l10n): Update L10n from changeset 922e0dd93077a91ba7096110ca9423b3caf6575a No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405050 Export 034fc119 - fix(styles): Always keep vertical scroll visible to avoid horizontal jank (#3622) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405051 Export 66ebf91c - chore(l10n): Update L10n from changeset 3db970822b38f705d6606ae33045e70cddd331d7 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405053 Export 7eee3552 - Merge pull request #3628 from rlr/gh3626/hack-week-hakcs No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405055 Export 52552f5e - chore(l10n): Update L10n from changeset 7d627bd28903617bb6952fa8a16cf43bde756977 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405078 software keyboard doesn't appear for certain sites No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1405199 in Version 56, *.URL shortcuts open cached version of webpage and show local path to shortcut instead of live webpage and URL No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1405290 Shutdownhang in mozilla::dom::workers::RuntimeService::Cleanup rising in Firefox 56 No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1405383 Crash in OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | nsTArray_base<T>::EnsureCapacity<T> | nsTArray_Impl<T>::AppendElements<T> | gfxPlatformFontList::AddGenericFonts No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1405411 stylo: Loading YouTube's material design Subscriptions panel causes excessive CPU usage No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405543 stylo: media element controls are sometimes displayed unstyled No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1405566 Uptick of failures in Firefox 57: history fails with "date <some_date> cannot be a future date" No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405568 div height 100% is way too tall at whose <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "" ""> triggers quirks even though should be standards No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405569 2.76 - 3.24% installer size (linux32, linux64, osx-cross, windows2012-32, windows2012-64) regression on push 6286471c1882a6602f916882d4bf5ae42f81f485 (Tue Oct 3 2017) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405655 does not show "Activate flash" message on their landing page No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405670 Stop importing old search settings from search-metadata.json No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405692 Make sure mAnimatedGeometryRoot is initialized to nullptr in the rarely used nsDisplayItem that takes an nsIFrame* No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405696 XMLHttpRequest using UTF-8 as input to the URL parser causes compatibility issues No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1405713 Can't load files from srcsrv No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1405720 [macOS] [Photon] Regression Theme selector door hanger is showing two highlighted themes No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1405838 Crash in igd10umd32.dll | CContext::ID3D11DeviceContext1_UpdateSubresource_Amortized<T> No keyword NEW
1405853 About screen still shows old Firefox logo No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1405878 stylo: Tab Crashes in geckoservo::glue::Servo_ResolveStyle No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406096 Fix flash of untranslated content on Activity Stream search bar No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406164 Bring eBay back No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406222 stylo: thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'called `Option::unwrap()` on a `None` value' in [@ style::stylist::Stylist::compute_style_with_inputs] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406229 Firefox crashes with autocomplete/formfill popup in browserAction No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1406254 stylo: incorrect style when ::first-line is used on anchor No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406331 No window controls and resize options available for dialog boxes on macOS No keyword RESOLVED WONTFIX
1406395 DocumentType heap-use-after-free No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1406396 fix PSM to better handle NSS command-line utils spuriously adding a "Root Certs" module in some situations No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406398 Assertion failure: MOZ_ASSERT(isNative()) in in js::NativeObject::lookup No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406401 The separators from Bookmarks Toolbar cannot be moved anymore with the mouse No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1406414 60fps tab throbbers may be impacting page load performance on some machines No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406474 stylo: gfxUserFontCache::Entry's copy constructor doesn't transfer its mAllowedFontSets member No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406509 [RTL] Search results are truncated and left aligned in RTL languages No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1406619 Two-column layout balanced unevenly and nondeterministically since Firefox 56 No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1406623 Incorrect animation of transition on No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1406750 heap-use-after-free in GetContentRectRelativeToSelf No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1406897 Crash [@ js::wasm::Code::tiers] due to over-recursion with evalInCooperativeThread No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1407032 Crash in DeleteTask<T>::Run from GPU process or Content process No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1407078 [Shield] Opt-out Study CFR V1 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1407183 Unexpected behaviour , content not showing No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1407243 Don't immediately fire canplaythrough event when mp4 has no duration No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1407375 stylo: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free [@ NonMappedAttrCount] with READ of size 8 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1407522 stylo: tweak style sheet invalidations to bail out to dirtying the whole document less No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1407712 Crash in guard64.dll@0x49bb (Comodo Internet Security DLL) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1407740 Crash with failed ";1" instance No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1407751 Crash with failed ";1" and ";1" instances No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1407999 Locking homepage prefs isn't working on Firefox 57 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1408005 Crash with failed ";1" instance No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1408397 Unexpected file reader (blobs obtained with .slice()) read errors ("File could not be read" - NS_ERROR_DOM_FILE_NOT_READABLE_ERR) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1408412 Max number of actual arguments is not checked everywhere No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1408566 Scrolling causes graphics glitch with position sticky No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1408672 stylo: Hover invalidation is broken on quirks mode No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1408815 Session Restore for multiple windows via "Close all windows" on taskbar closes each window independently, causing only last window closed to restore No keyword NEW
1408990 Resource Timing API leaks URL after subframe navigation No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1409058 Add pref to show or hide snippets in the pref panel No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1409141 Disable fast video upload to D3D11 on Windows 7 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1409155 ATOK 2006, ATOK 2008, ATOK 2009 and ATOK 2010 crash 64-bit version of Firefox on Win 8.1 or later and ATOK 2007 doesn't work fine with same environment No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1409179 Crash in js::InterpreterFrame::callee No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1409341 [Beta] [Windows 7] Incomplete hover state on tabs in default theme No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1409444 stylo: Crash in rand::weak_rng No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1409496 Still logged on even after clear site data in about:preference#privacy No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1410028 stylo: all property with `initial` issues when style properties set within JS No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1410106 fingerprinting users in private window using web-worker + indexedDB No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1410140 PluginModuleChromeParent::AnswerGetFileName - Heap Buffer Overflow No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1410420 ghost window via IDBDatabase object on 57 beta No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1410457 Schema migration may mark the database as corrupt due to a SQLITE_BUSY error. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1410654 Extend WebRTC Scalar Telemetry probes No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1411060 A user can be prevented from changing their homepage if a sideloaded extension is removed No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1411076 [Fx 57] /whatsnew page for 57 release - Var A - letter No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1411077 [Fx 57] /whatsnew page for 57 release - Var B - logo and copy No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1411226 Entries from history are appearing with a large delay No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1411419 Update Tiles new tab page to match Photon Design System No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1411458 type confusion in VerifyCMSDetachedSignatureIncludingCertificate (potential RCE in parent process) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1411517 stylo: "layout.css.stylo-blocklist.enabled" pref's default value should be false No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1411518 Update follow-on search add-on to 0.9.6 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1411631 PluginModuleChromeParent::AnswerGetFileName - Grant Arbitrary File Read Access. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412011 stylo: <svg:use> rules for selector-matching are followed inconsistently. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412081 (CVE-2017-16541) Proxy bypass caused by autofs on Mac, Linux No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412126 Remove ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE from StumblerManifest_services.xml No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412130 Permission panels stay visible on top of non-Firefox windows No keyword RESOLVED WONTFIX
1412252 heap-use-after-free in nsComputedDOMStyle::UpdateCurrentStyleSources No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1412358 Add telemetry probes for actions on accessibility indicator button and accessibility privacy preference checkbox. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412505 Background thumbnail request of strains CPU No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412603 [Shield] Pref Flip Study: accessibility visual indicator and permission preference No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412635 Crash in MessageBuilder::WriteElement No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412681 I cannot download and install user Certificates (CA) in firefox 57 on Android No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1412743 Stylo: Font Scaling Regression in FF57 Betas on Win7 (64-bit) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1413269 Crash in mozilla::gl::SharedSurface_IOSurface::SharedSurface_IOSurface No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1413298 International searches don't work through engines added with WebExtensions No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1413351 [Fx 57] update the Firefox logo in release notes for 57 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1414186 Use GetUserPreferredUILanguages for OSPreferences::SystemLocales No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1414838 Stop button no longer appears immediately after starting a navigation No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1415081 Sending big in-memory blobs to WebSocket makes FF to crash or fail No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1415244 New user Unified Search Shield study enrolling existing users No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1415946 stylo: font-variant-alternates doesn't check for historical-forms in a case-insensitive way. No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1416081 Fennec is burning the battery No keyword NEW
1417323 Localization issues in 57 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1417420 Fonts don't display correctly with content sandboxing on macOS with Font Agent Pro font manager No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1417442 Colour distortion (purple/green) during video playback No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1417678 Make search default changes in tree No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1418152 stylo: Attribute selector including whitespace is ignored No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1418290 [meta] Reports about serious performance regressions after the 57 update from users with a11y turned on No keyword NEW
1418325 "profile missing or inaccessible" message for users with non-latin characters in path No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1418535 Investigate RealPlayer add-on use of accessibility services No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1419941 Reset the engine of users having a default engine likely installed by a legacy add-on No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1420001 History leakage through anchors in SVG in canvas tags No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1420107 [meta] Crash spikes in 57 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1420427 prefs.js changes are not kept after restarting Firefox with non-ascii characters in profile path No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1420872 Uploading images hangs whole network stack No keyword UNCONFIRMED
1423225 Disable SAB + Atomics on Central + Beta No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1426719 Latest insider build of Windows 10 (17063) breaks sound playback completely No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1427191 Update tests failing for Win7 for 57.0.3 No keyword RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1430147 Img File has Millions of GA Server Calls No keyword RESOLVED FIXED

494 Total; 18 Open (3.64%); 308 Resolved (62.35%); 168 Verified (34.01%);

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